Lamy Safari All Black Review - Special Edition

Lamy Safari All Black Review

Few new pen releases command the attention of the entire world community of writers, pen enthusiasts, and collectors. The yearly Lamy Safari special edition release is one of those events that quickly becomes the hot topic of online forums, pen meetups, and social media.

In the video below, we're pleased to formally introduce you to the Lamy Safari special edition for 2018 - the wildest color that Lamy has ever introduced in their yearly limited piece - BLACK. ALL Black.

The Special Edition has a colorful past, including such vibrant releases as:

2013: Neon Yellow
2014: Neon Coral
2015: Neon Lime
2016: Dark Lilac
2017: Petrol (dark teal)

While pen enthusiasts and Lamy collectors were eager to roll out the red carpet for a colorful 2018 Safari, the announcement of "All Black" disappointed some. However, that doesn't appear to slow anyone down in snapping up these pens as soon as they were released in April.

Design and Features of the All Black Edition

All Black is stealthy. The body and cap have a textured matte finish similar to the Petrol, Dark Lilac, and Charcoal, which is also referred to as Umbra outside of the USA. The appearance is quite close to the Charcoal but paired up against one another, you can see there is a considerable difference. The All Black color is deeper, richer, and blacker than the Charcoal. The nib and clip are the same as the other black trim pens.

You might be surprised to hear that the main difference between the Charcoal and All Black isn't visible. The Charcoal has been an everyday staple of the Safari line for well over a decade. The All Black, on the other hand, is a special edition for only 2018. As with other special editions Lamy introduced, once it's gone, it's gone! That would be the reason why, five years from now, a new All Black in the original box will be selling for double the retail price on eBay.

As we've seen with the demand for Dark Lilac and Petrol, new collectors are eager to find older editions that have been discontinued. Will All Black go "in the black" and climb up in value over time? Let us know what you think in the comments.

If you prefer the sleek look of a glossy black, the regular edition L19BK with the silver clip & nib is an everyday favorite. It is fitted with the same LZ50 stainless steel nib, only the All Black is black-plated.

Writing Experience with the Lamy Safari All Black

Writing with the Lamy Safari All Black is the same, no-fuss quality that you would expect from the stalwart Safari line. The contoured grip section provides a secure perch for your fingers. The stainless steel nib drives around the page with great control and flow. The black-plating on the nib bears no influence on the reliable writing quality of this nib, a detail to keep in mind when discerning a fake Lamy from a genuine product.

Regardless if you're looking to purchase the All Black as a collectible or a daily writer, this Lamy special eedition fills both needs in one stealthy writing instrument. Click-top ballpoint pen and capped rollerball pen modes are also available to complete the collection. As opposed to the previous Dark Lilac & Petrol releases, there is no accompanying special edition ink that matches this pen. It's black, so you can always match it with the everyday Lamy black ink in either LT10 cartridge or LT52 bottled ink form.

How Does the Lamy Safari All Black Pen Write?

The Lamy Safari All Black Pen distinguishes itself with a performance that embodies precision and smoothness. Equipped with a stainless steel nib that glides effortlessly across paper, this pen ensures a seamless ink flow, eliminating the risk of skips or smudges. Its ergonomic design, highlighted by a contoured grip section, promises comfort for prolonged writing sessions. This pen is not just about aesthetics; it's a reliable tool for anyone who values the quality of their handwriting.

Is the Lamy Safari All Black Pen Worth the Investment?

Considering its design and functionality, the Lamy Safari All Black Pen represents a sound investment. Constructed from robust ABS plastic with a matte black finish, it's built to last while retaining its sophisticated appearance. The pen's special edition status adds to its allure, potentially increasing its value over time. Its compatibility with Lamy's LT10 cartridges and LT52 bottled ink further underscores its practicality and versatility. For those who prioritize durability, style, and writing excellence, this pen is a worthwhile acquisition.

Who Should Buy the Lamy Safari All Black Pen?

The Lamy Safari All Black Pen is an ideal choice for a broad spectrum of users. Professionals seeking a dependable and stylish writing instrument for the workplace will find it meets their needs. Writers and journal enthusiasts will appreciate its smooth ink delivery and ergonomic features, enhancing their writing experience. Moreover, its durability and ease of use make it suitable for students. Collectors, attracted by its special edition status, will also be keen to add this pen to their collections. In essence, it's a pen designed to appeal to anyone who values quality and style in their writing tools.

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Let us know what you think of this 2018 special edition in the comments below. Thank you for reading!

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