Retro 51 Coffee Tornado Rollerball Pen
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The first Goldspot x Retro 1951 collaboration, the caffeine fueled design of the Coffee Tornado has textured, acid-etched barrel and antique metal accents. The beige colored barrel provides a backdrop that looks and feels like the burlap bag that would hold roasted coffee beans. Espresso cups, beans and barista buzz words flow together on the barrel, set on top of the barrel in varying brown tones. The Retro Coffee Tornado is supplied with a capless rollerball cartridge loaded in the pen to start with. The pen writes as smooth as a fresh-brewed cappuccino. If you would prefer a ballpoint type, or a different color of refill (we suggest brown to match!), you can swap out the capless rollerball with a Parker-style ballpoint type refill (sold separately). Each pen is sold in an exclusive package that matches the coffee theme. The Tornado tube artwork proudly displays the same design elements on the pen, along with a coffee mug that shows the Goldspot logo. (No beans are included in the packaging with the pen).