Pilot Metro Animal Fountain Pen Set

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Enter the jungle of the fountain pen world with the wildly popular Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen. Those who are experienced sherpas in the pen world tend to recommend the Metropolitan for its incredible value, quality and design. The fashionable and uniquely stylish "Animal" designs are sublimely elegant.Since it's hard to choose just one, we've bundled the entire set of these Pilot Metropolitan Animal styles.This set includes one each of the Pilot Metropolitan Animal designs in the fountain pen mode with stainless steel nib. Each pen comes appropriately gift boxed with a Pilot ink cartridge and squeeze converter per pen. Each set includes all stub, all fine or all medium nibs.

Styles of the Pilot Metropolitan Animal Set :

  • White Tiger
  • Silver Python
  • Bronze Lizard
  • Violet Leopard
  • Black Crocodile