Pilot G2 Gel Pen wit Stylus - Fine Black Ink (Gray Red Turquoise Barrels)

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From G2, American’s #1 Selling Go-2 Gel Ink pen, comes the G2 Pen Stylus.The G2 Pen Stylus is designed with the overachiever in mind - combining

After years of research and development, Pilot has developed a stylus tip worthy of the G2 name, which will bring the ultra-smooth G2 experience into the digital realm.

The G2 Pen Stylus stylus tip is a uniquely designed, soft rubber, custom capacitive tip which will fluidly mimic touch on a smartphone or touchscreen. With the G2 Pen Stylus you can be ready for any written or digital challenge. The G2 Pen Stylus features 3 contemporary barrel colors, and a unique clip-click pen retraction mechanism. The stylus tip adapts seamlessly to any writing style, keeps your touchscreen free of fingerprints and smudges, and gives increased control over any touchscreen operation.

It's perfect for all touchscreen tasks ranging from checking and composing e-mail, to sketching, drawing, or gaming. You can have it all with the G2 Pen Stylus.