Fisher Space Pen Astronaut Original Ballpoint in Chrome

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When astronauts started to explore the reaches of outer space Paul Fisher realized that no existing pen could perform in its zero-gravity vacuum and temperature extremes. His common sense approach and practical experiments resulted in the invention of the sealed-pressurized Fisher AG-7 Space Pen. After rigorous testing NASA selected the Fisher Space Pen for use on all of the Apollo missions. They are still used on manned space flights. The Fisher AG-7 Pen is made of all steel and brass components. The ink is a pressurized with nitrogen and becomes liquid when the special ball point exposes the gel to air. This means your pen won't dry out. The estimated shelf life of the special ink is 100 years.

The Fisher AG-7 pen is exactly the same model that has been used on all space flights since Apollo VII in 1968. You probably won't be using this pen in the same extremes as the astronauts but it's nice to know that you have a pen that will work for you regardless of the conditions you face. And this sturdy design will last through years of heavy use.

Fisher Space Pen - Astronaut - AG7 Original Ballpoint - Chrome Plated Features:

  • Finish: All Steel and Brass Components
  • Clip: Chrome Plated
  • Trim: Chrome Trim
  • Retractable Side Release Button
  • Cartridge: Fisher Pressurized PR4, Black Ink, Medium Point
  • Includes a PR4 Black Ink Medium Point Refill
  • Gift Boxed