Colorverse Spaceward Mini Bottled Ink in Mars Curiosity - 5mL

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Colorverse inks have been inspired by the elements of our galaxy to to "colorize your universe."  All inks are made of premium pure quality colorants, offering an array of crisp, clear colors.  These high quality plant origin based materials provide a safe ink to be used on your most favorite fountain pens.  The alcohol free chemical free odorants insures that you are using safe reliable inks without any unpleasant smells or odors.  The optimal Neutral pH of 7-8 provides assurance that your ink will not dry or deteriorate easily in your pen.
The Spaceward Mini Series comes in a 5ml bottle beautifully shaped like a teardrop and presented in a constellation themed cardboard box. Each mini ink comes with a pipette to be able to fill your pen due to the small bottle size.  A perfect gift for any fountain pen or ink lover.
The Colorverse Spaceward Mini Series includes:
  • a 5ml bottle shaped like a teardrop 
  • Constellation themed cardboard gift box
  • Pipette to be able to fill your pen
  • Made and imported from South Korea