Taiwan Fountain Pen Brands

What Pens and Paper Are Made In Taiwan?

The most popular Taiwan pen and paper companies are TWSBI, Opus 88, Penlux, and YStudio.

Taiwan Made Fountain Pens

The Taiwan market features amazing fountain pen brands that have dedicated themselves to providing massive value to both fountain pen collectors and writers. These Taiwan fountain pen manufacturers provide quality pen options that are greatly embraced by individuals around the world. The fountain pens are designed and developed by the best in the business featuring high-quality raw materials. If you are in the market for a Taiwan fountain pen, here are our best picks. 


TWSBI is a well-recognized pen brand that has continued to provide amazing fountain pens to people around the world. This brand was established by the Tashin precision company to stand as its own brand and cater to the fountain pen market.

TWSBI is a beloved company that creates unique fountain pens that helped put Taiwan fountain pen brands on the map. TWSBI Taiwanese pens feature innovative designs and quality finishing that compete with the top brands in both Europe and America. They are made to be comfortable with a well-designed grip and a quality nib that glides easily through the paper. TWSBI is a great fountain pen brand to consider when looking into the Taiwanese market. 

Opus 88

The Opus 88 company has been in the market for over 45 years expanding its experience in the fountain pen industry. This company is located in Taiwan and features quality pens of its own while also being an OEM service provider to other pen brands.

This goes to show that their manufacturing processes are well thought out and planned to result in quality and reliable fountain pens. Opus 88 is among the best Taiwan pen brands in the market that you can fully trust and rely on especially when it comes to performance.


When it comes to beauty, style, and a variety of colors, Laban pens have got you covered. These pens are designed to feature high-quality finishes that are aesthetically pleasing and fun to use. Laban is among the most famous Taiwan pen brands with over 40 years of experience in this field. 

The company was established in the year 1981 and has grown to become a well-known and respected brand. The pens are designed to feature high-quality and reliable nibs for your writing. They come in different sizes to facilitate different writing styles and support Taiwanese handwriting. 


Penlux is a Taiwan fountain pen brand that was founded in 1999 to offer quality writing instruments. The company started by working in the private label products industry but has since diverted its attention to developing its own line of fountain pens.

This company employs the use of qualified craftsmen and conducts all its manufacturing processes in-house. This allows them to stay on top of the production quality to always ensure they deliver to your expectations. They pride themselves in using the best materials on all their pens to help them stand out in the market and also in performance. 


Ystudio was founded in 2012 and is based in Taiwan. The company specializes in the manufacture of fountain pens, ballpoint pens, and a variety of stationery collections. When you walk into a Taiwan fountain pen shop, you are bound to come across the Ystudio pens. 

These pens are designed to feature a minimalistic look with simplicity being the company’s main goal. They are designed to feature high-quality standards with a clear nib size guide to help you choose the perfect fit for you. Ystudio is a great Taiwan fountain pen brand to consider looking into. 

Taiwan Fountain Pen Brands

We are proud to offer our full list of Taiwan fountain pen brands.