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What Pens and Paper Are Made In France?

The most popular French pen and paper companies are Waterman, Clairefontaine, J. Herbin, and Rhodia.

French Made Fountain Pens

French fountain pens are famous for their peak performance and beautiful craftsmanship. Explore French-made fountain pens and French pen manufactures below.

French pen manufacturers pride themselves on quality and consistency in the pens they produce. They pay attention to these factors to ensure that the pens and supplies you work with give you the best service. Here are some of the best French pens for you to consider.


Waterman was established in 1883 in France by Lewis Edson Waterman and they have continued to perfect the fountain pens they produce as a company. Over the years, these French pens have garnered great popularity and have become a favorite for a lot of fountain pen users. 

Waterman pens are designed with a Parisian style that continues to exude style in all the pens from them. When looking for classy and quality pens made in France, this brand should be among your first choices.

The company offers a variety of fountain pens that come in different collections giving you some great options to choose from. The pens feature an awesome grip with a nib that comes in different sizes and dispenses just the right amount of ink while gliding smoothly on a page.

Waterman is also one of the most highly recognized French ballpoint pen brands in the market. They work with quality throughout their productions to ensure all their pens satisfy the needs of the users. 

The Waterman brand also features French fountain pen inks that you should look into. The fountain pen inks come in 8 different colors giving the users a variety of options. The colors are designed to be very vibrant to showcase one’s personality and style.


Clairefontaine was founded by Jean Baptiste Bichelberger in the year 1858 to service the paper industry. The company was established in a small town called Etival Clairefontaine which was well known for the different paper mills within the area.

Clairefontaine has specialized in the production of paper, envelopes, notebooks, and a few stationery items. This is for sure the best French notebook company and you can be sure that you’ll find something that suits your style. 

If you are in the market for French notebooks and journals then Clairefontaine is the brand to check out. Their selection of notebooks made in France is quite vast giving you a variety of options that you can choose from. 

J Herbin

J Herbin was founded in 1670 and is the oldest fountain pen brand in the world today. The brand has been used over the years by highly respected individuals like Victor Hugo and Louis XIV, the Sun King.

The J Herbin brand specializes in the production of high-quality fountain pens, French inks, French calligraphy sets, and other stationery essentials. Over the years, they have refined their processes to ensure that all their productions are of great quality and service.

This brand comes with a wide selection of different fountain pens for you to consider. Their pens are designed with a keen eye for detail and an aesthetic look. This makes the pens both functional and very appealing. 


Rhodia is a well-established and highly respected brand when it comes to paper made in France. This company was founded by two brothers, Robert and Henry Verilhac in the year 1932. The company worked to provide quality and affordable French paper options for artists and others to service fast-growing demand.

In the year 1997, the company was purchased by Clairefontaine to increase production and develop the brand further. Today, the Rhodia paper is a favorite to a lot of people from fountain pen collectors to artists working with watercolor paints.

The Rhodia notebooks and pads are great fountain pen stationery papers that are enjoyed by users across the world. Rhodia prides itself in providing high-quality French writing paper that is reliable in all situations.

The notebooks are made to feature a timeless design that showcases simplicity, innovation, and creativity in the production process. 

Over the years, they have grown to service different industries by always offering the best paper options in the market. If you are looking for a French journal to invest in that comes with great quality and an incredible design, Rhodia is the perfect choice for you.  

Reliable French Brands

French-made fountain pens are a great choice to invest if you are an avid writer or not. They are designed to offer quality service and translate quite well on paper. These pens feature the use of quality writing nibs that dispense the right amount of ink for an enjoyable writing experience.

This helps keep your work neat each time you work with your fountain pen. French pens are also designed with a comfortable grip to facilitate long sessions of writing.

It is important to note that pilot pens also have a section of their company in France adding to the different brands you can work with. The Pilot pen France department features great craftsmanship ensuring quality and efficiency when in use. 

French inks are designed with great pigmentation that enriches the colors making them great for different projects. You’ll be working with fountain pen inks designed to showcase your personality given the variation of colors at your disposal. 

Notebooks, pads, and journals are designed to feature the best paper made in France to offer the best quality. When writing on these notebooks, you won’t have to worry about your ink bleeding or smudging.

The quality of these French made notebooks is designed to allow for perfection and error-free writing. You can be sure that all the done on these notebooks will meet your desired standards. If you are looking for fountain pen and notebook brands to rely on, these French companies will provide you with the best in the market. 

French Made Fountain Pen Brands

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