Kaweco Supra Fountain Pen in Stainless Steel

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The Kaweco SUPRA is proof that a minimalist pen doesn't need to be mini-sized. The smooth cylinder of stainless steel consists of four separate pieces, including an "extender" piece to modify the pen length to your liking. The bigger sibling of the popular Liliput pen, the SUPRA has the size and heft you come to expect in an all-metal, machined fountain pen.

The Supra can be configured to write in four different sizes and weights. At its smallest, the pen measures only 3.72 inches (94.5mm) without posting the cap. At its largest, including the extender piece and the cap screw-posted on back, the pen measures 6.46 inches (164mm). The ink is fed using either disposable international size ink cartridges (one blue cartridge included) or a standard international converter (not included, can be used only with the extender piece).

At the heart of the Supra fountain pen is a number 6 stainless steel nib made in Germany by Bock. The nib writes smoothly and with a wet flow in a variety of tip sizes to suit your handwriting style. Tailor the Supra fountain pen to write and feel exactly the way you want.

Kaweco SUPRA Stainless Steel Fountain Pen Specifications
  • Edition: Standard edition released in 2020
  • Pen Material: Stainless Steel
  • Nib: Stainless Steel, Number 6 (Bock)
  • Filling System: International ink cartridge (one included) / converter (not included, can only be used when pen has the extender piece attached)
  • Pen Length Closed, Capped: 5.11 in. / 130mm (with extender)
  • Pen Length Open (Uncapped): 4.9 in. / 124.5mm (with extender)
  • Pen Length Open (Cap Posted): 6.46 in. / 164mm (with extender)
  • Pen Length Closed, Capped: 3.90 in. / 99mm (without extender)
  • Pen Length Open (Uncapped): 3.72 in. / 94.5mm (without extender)
  • Pen Length Open (Cap Posted): 5.23 in. / 133mm (without extender)
  • Pen Diameter Body: 0.43 in. / 11mm
  • Pen Diameter Grip Section (thinnest) : 0.37 in. / 9.5mm
  • Total Weight: 1.7oz / 49g (with extender)
  • Total Weight: 1.4oz / 38g (without extender)
  • Cap Weight: 0.4oz / 9g
  • Boxed in a Kaweco Tin