What does FREE Engraving look like?

Just wanted to update all of our subscribers that we are running a FREE Engraving promotion this weekend at Goldspot Pens. If you're looking for a personalized gift, this is a great opportunity, as we do not hold these offers for very long during the year.

If you're wondering what kind of quality our engraving service produces, I can show you my own pen :

What does FREE Engraving look like
Depending on the pen, we can engrave in several types of fonts and styles, including Arial, Apple Chancery, Times New Roman and English Script. Engraving service usually costs $9.50 for either a full name or a monogram. Until Sunday night at 11:59pm EST, it will be absolutely 100% free (up to five pens).

We've only been running this promotion since yesterday evening and we've already received orders for wedding gifts, retirement gifts and groomsmen gifts. Personalizing a pen is a great idea for these occasions as well as for your own use. I spoke with a customer today who wanted to have her pen engraved so the people who keep stealing her pens know who they stole from, and would, hopefully, feel morally obligated to return it.

If we can't engrave your pen or luxury gift, we will have our engraving department notify you. You can always call us prior to ordering at 800-963-7367 if you would like to ask if an item is a good candidate for personalization.
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