Sherpa - A Perfect Guide

Here's a quick SAT analogy for the soon-to-be high school grads out there:

A Band-Aid is to adhesive bandage as
a Sharpie is to _______________.

Your choices:
  • A: Knife
  • B: Permanent Marker
  • C: Scissors
  • D: Toothbrush
If you answered B, you are well-aware of the ubiquitous Sharpie brand. We now have several multi-color packs on sale on Goldspot. Our latest addition to the site takes this popular, simple, disposable pen and gives it luxurious quality.

Snazz up your Sharpie, Uni-Ball or Pilot disposable pen by purchasing the Sherpa.

Sherpa - A Perfect Guide
The Sherpa Pen is a unique pen shell that holds a variety of disposable pens and markers, treating them like refills. It has an innovative cap that seals tightly to keep your instrument writing bold and fresh every time. The Sherpa is compatible with :
  • Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Marker
  • uni-ball Vision
  • uni-ball Vision Elite
  • uni-ball Deluxe
  • Papermate Liquid Espresso
  • Pilot P-700
  • Pilot P-500
  • Pilot V-Ball Grip
  • Pilot V Razor
There are several colors and styles available that are meant to please a wide array of aesthetic tastes. The Shell quality and design is similar to that of an ACME pen, but under half the price.

One of the best features is that the refills are cheaper and easier to come by than most of the fine writing manufacturers. Your Sherpa includes a Sharpie with the purchase, but when your ink finally runs out, you can go over to the nearest Staples, Office Depot, Walgreens or CVS to pick another pen for under $2. With most of your big pen retailers, they normally ask $4-$8 per refill for a rollerball or felt-tip and they aren't usually found at your local drug store or convenience store.

Bottom line is that the Sherpa is a great gift for a pen fantatic, office products fanatic or anyone who uses a Sharpie in their daily lives. Suit up your Sharpie at Goldspot!
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