Sailor's Original Jentle Inks Revived!

I jumped for jubilant joy when I saw this e-mail appear in my inbox this morning from Itoya, Sailor's US distributor. Although I'm still working off a bottle of Grenade and Epinard, I can breathe a sigh of relief that I won't run out once bottles are empty!

sailor jentle inks original set

Sailor's original core line of Jentle inks, discontinued some years ago, are back in North America only. Peche, Sky High, Ultra Marine, Grenade, Epinard and Apricot colors will be arriving soon in their 50mL, squat, glass bottles that include a built-in reservoir that assists the writer with inking his or her Sailor fountain pen.

We hope to have them the first week of May. Sign up to be notified when the original Sailor Jentle inks will arrive by signing up for the in-stock notification on your favorite colors. We will release the bottles right away when they arrive and will have samples available for sale shortly thereafter.

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