Sailor Pro Gear (Sapporo) Starburst Galaxy Fountain Pen Review

An out of this world fountain pen paired with an ink that is as equally brilliant. Prepare to be starstruck by the glittering brilliance of the elegant Sailor Professional Gear (Sapporo) Slim Starburst Galaxy Fountain Pen. A non-numbered, limited edition from Japanese manufacturer Sailor, the Starburst Galaxy is a simple twist on a black with silver colorway. Reflective particles are strewn throughout a rich, lustrous black resin to create the feeling of looking up at the stars in the night sky.

Sailor Pro Gear (Sapporo) Starburst Galaxy Fountain Pen Review

The Pen Profile

The model is based off of the Professional Gear (Sapporo) Slim, which is a good fit for an average man or woman's hand. Here are the dimensions of the Starburst Galaxy fountain pen :

Length Closed : 4.87"
Length Posted : 5.6"
Section Diameter : 0.41"
Barrel Diameter : 0.48"
Weight : 0.6oz / 17.7g

It's comparable to a Pelikan Tradition M200 or a Parker Vacumatic Major, as you can see in the diagram below :

Sailor Pro Gear (Sapporo) Starburst Galaxy Fountain Pen Review

With a pen of this size, it is often more comfortable for the writer to use it posted. The lightweight feel of the acrylic resin is a pleasure to hold for longer writing sessions. The front section has a slight flare at the edge of the grip to prevent fingers from slipping down into the nib.

Sailor Pro Gear (Sapporo) Starburst Galaxy Fountain Pen Review
Sailor Pro Gear Starburst Galaxy in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

The Pen Design

The Starburst pattern, created by small particles of reflective material, is evenly distributed throughout the rich, black resin. The particles seem to be floating at various depths in the resin at varying intensities of color, ranging from silver to blue. One of the small details that I love about this pen is the fact that the Starburst resin is used in every place that there is resin, including the finial top and the section. The continuity of the material is outstanding and accurately nails the theme Sailor was going for.

Turning the pen in the light catches the glint the reflective particles. It can be mesmerizing to look at, with focus shifting from the bright silver specks to the deep blue ones that seem so distant. The striking silver of the rhodium trim, clip and cap band feels as if we were taking a voyage on a space ship through a sea of stars. Sailor's iconic anchor symbol is struck upon the finial top of the cap.

Sailor Pro Gear (Sapporo) Starburst Galaxy Fountain Pen Review

As with all Sailor Pro Gear Slim pens, the Starburst Galaxy is a cartridge / converter filling fountain pen. It is supplied with a Sailor type converter and a package of two Sailor ink cartridges. The nib is a 14kt gold with rhodium plating to match the silver trims and clip. Sailor fountain pens offers their Pro Gear nib in the set core options within the United States, which are the extra-fine, fine, medium-fine, medium, broad, zoom and music sizes.

Sailor Pro Gear (Sapporo) Starburst Galaxy Fountain Pen Review

The Writing Experience

For this review, I focused on the two-tined music nib, which is more equivalent to a western stub nib. I  couldn't help but match a shimmering pen with a shimmering ink and tried the pen out loaded with J. Herbin's Emerald of Chivor. Boy, was I ever impressed.

The Sailor "Music" nib wrote buttery smooth without any hesitation. The 1670 anniversary inks, with their sparkly particles and deep saturation, can be a bit of a hindrance to certain fountain pen feeds that are stingy on flow. Such is not the case with the Sailor nib. As you can see in the handwriting samples of the video, the ink flows beautifully and you can get a good amount of sparkle on the page, along with that reddish sheen in certain strokes.

Sailor Pro Gear (Sapporo) Starburst Galaxy Fountain Pen Review
Sailor Starburst Galaxy w/ Emerald of Chivor on Rhodia 80gsm blank paper

The music nib offers stellar line variation between the horizontal strokes and vertical ones. On the downstroke, the thickness of the line can be the equivalent of a juicy 1.3mm tip while the horizontal lines are between a medium and broad line thickness. Be prepared to change inks often, as the ink capacity of the cartridge / converter is meager and this nib lays down a lot of ink.

Sailor Pro Gear (Sapporo) Starburst Galaxy Fountain Pen Review

A Few Choice Words

Summary :
  • Writing Quality : Stellar. Buttery smooth nib that is hand-inspected by Sailor's expert nib craftsmen. Just remember that the nib grades of Japanese nibs run thinner than their western counterparts. (grade A+)
  • Aesthetic Quality : Stunningly simple concept that is well executed with the theme of this edition. The sparkles are just noticeable enough without being too "blingy". (grade A+)
  • Utility : The size of the Pro Gear Slim (Sapporo) is a perfect fit for boys & girls. With the cap posted, the pen's light weight is well balanced and comfortable to hold for long periods of time. Fans of oversized pens (like the 1911 Large or King of Pens) would not like this size. (grade A)
  • Price : $250 Retail. Considering the price of a Pelikan M200 with a steel nib or a Lamy 2000, this limited edition, 14kt gold nib fountain pen ranks right up there with other high-quality, value fountain pens. This is an easy purchase for many who purchase pens of this caliber. (grade A+)

Final Grade : A+
My only remorse about this review is that the edition was already sold out by the time I can click "publish." We only had these pens in-stock for about a week! If we have any more, then you would be able to find them on our Sailor Professional Gear Slim pens page of our website. If the page does not show any resulting item listings, then it's gone, sorry!
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