Review : Parker Premier Silver ST Fountain Pen

Parker Premier Fountain Pen Review

Parker Pens only major product line release of 2009, the Parker Premier offers a high-end feel and classic quality. In the fine-writing community, much has been said about the decline of the . Yet, it is still a revered and desired name due to its history. The Premier hails to the old standard and hopes to re-establish Parker as a heavyweight in the fine-writing market.

Unboxing the Parker Premier Silver ST Fountain Pen

Each Premier is finely presented in a large gift box with a suede-like interior. The pen rests on a tray platform with three troughs (presumably to fit the other two writing modes of the series). A ribbon sash band drapes over the tray with two small tabs to lift the platform to uncover the bottom of the box. Extra refills and a warranty / instruction booklet are found in this compartment.

Design and Aesthetics of the Parker Premier Fountain Pen

The Silver is the most intricate and unique finishes of the series. For those who are looking for a plainer, more elegant, classical style, the Premier offers a black with gold trim and black with silver trim, along with a deluxe black with silver cap. This silver-plated, graduated chiselling deluxe finish mirrors the appeal of a modern skyscraper. The precise engraved pattern gives the impression of velocity while accentuating the pen's grand size.

Performance and Writing Experience

With all that metal, the pen has a solid weight, assisted by a solid brass inner barrel and cap. The girth and length is generous, but not too cumbersome to the point that it would considered over-sized. The cap pulls open and snaps shut with a satisfying click. The 18k-750 solid gold nib features the signature Arrow as a nib graphic in gold and silver tones. The fountain pen fills via cartridge or converter (included in pen). I opted to fill the converter with to test drive this beauty.

As I would have hoped from , the writing experience was smooth as silk and only the slightest touch was needed to generate fluid strokes. The point size I tested was a fine, but wrote a bit on the thicker side, which seemed closer to a medium. The weight and size really doesn't hamper this pen's ability to write and feel well-balanced in hand. True, a lighter mass would feel more comfortable over time if you write pages instead of paragraphs. If you prefer a bit more heft in your writing instrument, this is a perfect pick.

Is the Parker Premier Silver ST Fountain Pen Worth the Investment?

With a price tag of $350 for the Silver Finish variant, the Parker Premier Silver ST Fountain Pen represents a significant investment in the realm of fine writing instruments. However, when compared to other gold nib fountain pens of similar caliber, its value proposition becomes clear. The pen's exquisite design, superior writing quality, and the prestige of the Parker brand contribute to its status as a luxury item. Furthermore, considering the collector's market for Parker pens, the Premier Silver ST is likely to appreciate in value over time. This pen is not merely a writing instrument but an investment in craftsmanship and heritage, making it worth the premium for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Who Should Buy the Parker Premier Silver ST Fountain Pen?

The Parker Premier Silver ST Fountain Pen is ideally suited for individuals who appreciate the finer things in life, including the art of writing. It is perfect for professionals seeking a pen that reflects their business acumen and sophistication, collectors looking to add a distinguished piece to their collection, and anyone who values the tactile pleasure of writing with a high-quality fountain pen. Its weight and balance make it a suitable choice for those who prefer a pen with substance, offering a commanding presence without compromising on comfort. Whether for personal use, as a gift, or as an addition to a collection, the Parker Premier Silver ST is a statement of elegance and excellence.

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  • Writing Quality : 18k nib commands the lightest touch and glides effortlessly across the paper. The weight gives the feeling of exceptional luxury (grade A)
  • Aesthetic Quality : Grande, classic with a modern, business-savvy appeal. The etching on the barrel and cap, along with the mirror-like surface offer a striking appearance. (grade A)
  • Utility : With a more luxurious, hefty design, the overall writing comfort over long periods of time dips a bit, but not a great amount. The deluxe gift box doubles as a pen storage case for up to three writing instruments. (grade A-)
  • Price : Available in fine, or medium nib sizes for $350 (for the Silver Finish; Lacquer finishes are $250), the cost is certainly high, but is certainly a value when compared to other gold nib fountain pens of the same class. Given the collector's market for Parker, the value will probably appreciate over time. (grade A-)
Final Grade : ADoes this series reclaim Parker authority in the fine-writing market with the Premier collection? Not yet, but this is a great start if they can build off of this series and offer a few other designs that are priced between the low-end Sonnets and the high-end . Well, by price I also mean that the quality should be commensurate with the dollar amount. The Premier has the makings of a classic; the first step towards re-establishing Parker as a high-quality pen-making company.
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