Preview : Parker Duofold "The Craft of Traveling" Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Arriving during the 1st quarter of 2018, Parker is celebrating its 130th anniversary with a Duofold Limited Edition fountain pen. Only 1,300 pieces will be made worldwide. The theme is "the Craft of Traveling," which pays homage to founder George S. Parker and his love of exploring the world.

parker duofold craft of traveling

George used to begin his journey by crossing the Atlantic to Europe and then moving continuously toward the far East. He went on his first trip in Paris in 1900 to discover the wonders of the Exposition Universelle. His passion for travel took him around the world, from Egypt to South America, or China where he traveled many times to purchase traditional iron paintings in Wuhu, in the Anhui province. Orient fostered his imagination and creation, giving birth to the Mandarin Yellow Duofold colorway, inspired from a vase George once found in Japan.

The pen body is crafted from solid brass that is laser engraved with a wrap around map design and varnished with a deep blue lacquer. The trims and clip are plated in gold. 22 components are manually assembled in Nantes (France).

parker duofold craft of travel compass nib

The fountain pen is fitted with an 18kt bi-color gold nib that has a compass design on its face. It will only be sold as a fine point, but Parker's service center would be able to provide extra-fine, medium and broad sizes.

parker duofold limited edition craft of traveling top of the cap lapis lazuli

The pen's cap has a pattern that is inspired by the diagram of the globe if looked at from the poles. The blue, semi-precious stone at the top of the cap is a 2ct lapis lazuli that evokes color of the deep blue ocean that George frequently traveled. Each stone is delicately selected and will be unique to each pen. Around the jewel, the phrase of "Parker 130 Years Around the World" is laser engraved.

vintage suitcase style packaging for the parker duofold craft of traveling limited edition

The luxurious theme gift box is inspired by vintage luggage. Inside, the lid decoration has a map that highlights the cities visited by George S. Parker on his trips. Included under the platform is the warranty, certificate of authenticity and cartridge refills. A bottle of Parker ink is included on the platform next to the pen.

The Parker Duofold Craft of Traveling limited edition will retail for $3,500 and will be available during the first quarter of 2018

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