Clash of the Titans - Comparing the Biggest and Baddest Fountain Pens

Looking for a BIG PEN? Well, you're in luck because today, we're talking about the biggest fountain pen and the most serious of fountain pen nibbage.

In the realm of luxury fountain pens, there are few true giants, or titans, that stand head and (nib) shoulders above the rest. Some may refer to them as "grail pens," a true achievement in the hobby of pen collecting when one is able to obtain the object of their prolonged desire. I'm sure that many of you will agree that each of these pens easily qualify for that prestigious title, especially when discussing the largest fountain pens.

Last week, we introduced the Pilot Custom Urushi to our store and were blown away by the sheer size of this pen, as well as it's #30 size 18kt gold nib (that's a lot of gold!). One of the difficulties of presenting this pen is to properly show its size so that collectors and writers would not mistake it for an ordinary fountain pen.

So, we decided to pit the Custom Urushi against other titans in the upper echelon of luxury pens, namely the Sailor Pro Gear King of Pens, the Pelikan Souveran M1000, and the Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze Age big fountain pens. As you will see in the infographics below, the Custom Urushi crushes the competition.

Clash of the Titans - Comparing the Biggest and Baddest Fountain Pens

Here, Here, we arranged each of the 4 pens to show the difference in length with the pen's cap closed. The illustration of the hand in the background is meant to provide a size reference for an average hand. As you can see from the diagram, the Pilot Custom Urushi towers over its competitors in length and girth, earning the top spot in this comparison and highlighting it as the largest fountain pen.

Clash of the Titans - Comparing the Biggest and Baddest Fountain Pens

Next, we open the cap on each of the pens and post it on the back end to compare the posted lengths. This will be the largest length of the pen, as the cap usually adds an inch or two for the overall profile of the pen. Many folks may opt to write with these pens unposted, as the length can be quite unweildy for some writers. Again, the Pilot Custom Urushi beats out the competition, edging the Pelikan Souveran M1000.

Note the nib size as well. If you thought the Sailor King of Pens' nib was big, the Custom Urushi's #30 nib is even broader (in overall size) and is the largest of this group. The Sailor King of Pens has the highest gold content at 21kt gold while the Homo Sapiens uses a 23kt palladium nib instead of traditional gold.

Clash of the Titans - Comparing the Biggest and Baddest Fountain Pens

Lastly, we remove the caps from each of the pens and compare the unposted size of each pen. If you're a fan of a larger section area to grip, the Custom Urushi and Souveran M1000 provide the large fountain pens areas for your fingers to command the pen. Again, the Pilot edges out the field in both section thickness and overall pen diameter, reinforcing its status as the largest fountain pen.

In case you weren't already intimidated by the sheer grandiose size of these pens, lets compare the prices for each of these titans.

MSRP $1,379, $1,103.87

MSRP $1,020, $816.00

MSRP $1,035, $827.95

Prices are listed in US Dollars and are current as of the date of this writing.

Ink Capacity

Although these pens are large, they do vary in their ability to hold a volume of ink. You would think that the Pilot Urushi would also dominate this category as well, but the CON-70 converter does not hold as much ink as the Pelikan Souveran M1000 or Visconti Homo Sapiens.

Pilot Custom Urushi (CON-70 Converter)

~ 1.0mL of ink

Sailor Pro Gear King of Pens (Sailor Converter)

~ 0.7mL of ink

Pelikan Souveran M1000 (Piston-Fill)

~ 1.3mL of ink

Visconti Homo Sapiens (Power-Filler)

~ 1.5mL of ink


Heft is a big concern for those who love a larger pen. The weight and feel of a pen is something that is nearly impossible to translate by showing an image, so we decided it was worthwhile to compare the weights of each pen to give you an idea of what to expect when handling the pen.

Pilot Custom Urushi

1.5 ounces

Sailor Pro Gear King of Pens

1.1 ounces

Pelikan Souveran M1000

1.2 ounces

Visconti Homo Sapiens

1.5 ounces

Despite the fact that the Homo Sapiens is not the largest in our pen comparison group, the basaltic lava material the pen is made with makes it more dense, topping out at the same weight (approximately) as the Pilot Custom Urushi.


In closing, we hope that you enjoyed this side-by-side comparison of the biggest and baddest luxury pen "titans" and found the information useful, even if you are doing window shopping or putting pens on your wish list. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below.

One last parting thought I would like to impress upon you is that bigger does not necessarily mean that it is better. Writing instruments are like clothing and are not a one-size-fits-all type of tool. As a writer, illustrator, artist, or avid notetaker, you develop a taste to know what you like and what you don't like through experience. The pen needs to fit the user and what the pen is being used for. By saying these are the largest fountain pen and most grandiose pens on the market doesn't mean that they are the best for you personally. So, be sure to do plenty of exploring and feel free to ask us questions when you browse on our website so we can better assist you with finding the pen that's a perfect fit for your needs.

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