Pens for the Geek Inside All of Us

It's no secret - we love pen geeks.
Pens for the Geek Inside All of Us

The nerds of the written word, the nib dweebs and ink dorks - everyone with a passion for pens is welcomed with open arms. There are two geeks we are particularly fond of - Dan & Eric of FPGeeks fame. We've recently teamed up with the Geeks as one of their first sponsored advertisers on the website.

If you haven't seen or heard FPGeeks and love fountain pens, you've been missing out! FPGeeks has all the latest-breaking pen industry news, including announcements from major pen manufacturers about new pens, hotly anticipated pen designs, limited edition releases and so forth. They also have a fantastic, weekly video podcast that is both entertaining and has high production value. You can also check out the growing catalog of Awesome Reviews that go in-depth on pens that are widely talked about by writers and collectors. Besides all the great content Dan & Eric output, there's also a lively forum and an active community that you can join to talk about your writing obsessions with.

As part of our advertising campaign with FPGeeks, we've created a special welcome page for visitors that are coming from their site to ours for the first time. We've created the Pens for Pen Geeks Guide, which is a hand-picked selection of pens that were either reviewed or mentioned by the Geeks. Enjoy and let your geek flag fly.
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