Monteverde Invincia Grand Prix Unboxing and Review Video

Last year, we introduced our first limited edition set of Monteverde Pens called the Invincia Grand Prix. The Grand Prix is an exclusive collection of racing-inspired pens available in twist-action ballpen, smooth-writing rollerball and old-fashioned fountain pen with a black stainless steel nib. It only took us a few months, but we've got our dedicated video reviewer Mike Jones to produce a video of his unboxing and review of the Invincia Grand Prix fountain pen in Laguna Seca Blue.

In this video, we review :
  • The exclusive Monteverde Invincia Grand Prix white box sleeve.
  • The Invincia Pen materials, body shape, nib and design.
  • Included Monteverde fountain pen ink cartridges (2 Black, 2 Blue)
  • Writing sample text using the supplied black ink cartridge.
Please check it out and feel free to drop a comment to let Mike know what you thought of his video.

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