10 Most Unusual Ballpoint Pens

When you're a fountain pen enthusiast, most ballpoint pens seem boring, dull, and lacking excitement. They don't have the unique pens personality that comes with a fountain pen's nib and filling mechanism. When you've written with one ballpoint pen, you've written with them all, right? Well, we searched over 1,000 ballpoints in the Goldspot Pens store to bring you the 10 most unusual ballpoint pens that might change your mind.

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10 Most Unique Ballpoint Pens

Diplomat Elox

  • Made of twice-anodized solid aluminum
  • Matte textured
  • Cut with contrasting concentric rings
  • Comfortable balance and hold
  • Refill: Parker-style, "Easy flow" cartridge
  • Cost: $188

The Diplomat Elox is a different take on the popular Aero design. The pen's streamlined shape and aluminum construction offer a balanced, weighted feel in-hand. Fingers will find soothinig comfort in the black matte sections of the tapering profile. The smooth twist-action mechanism produces the tip of an Easy Flow, Parker-style ballpoint cartridge made in Germany, making it a cool pen for enthusiasts.

Kaweco Liliput Fireblue

  • Compact, pocket-friendly ballpoint pen
  • Made of solid steel
  • Hand-torched using a 600-degree flame
  • Cap screw-posts on back end
  • Refill: Mini D-1
  • Cost: $145

The Liliput is a small, minimalist ballpoint pen with a simple construction. The "Fireblue" takes it to another level with a hand-torched finish that shines blue, purple, ochre, and silver. When Goldspot visited the Kaweco headquarters in Germany, the CEO Michael Gutberlet gave us a demonstration of how he torches these pens to create such a gorgeous, colorful finish. The Liliput's cap screws on the back of the pen to extend to a comfortable size for most writers, showcasing its unique ball pen design..

Sensa Classic

  • Advertised "the world's most comfortable pen"
  • Plasmium gel grip displaces finger pressure
  • Cylindrical body available in a vartiety of colors and patterns
  • Twist-top retraction mechanism
  • Refill: Parker-style
  • Cost: starting at $60.35

Goldspot will always have a soft spot for Sensa pens since the brand was one of the first sold on the Goldspot Pens website way back in the early 2000's. Sensa pens continue to delight writers who have a strong grip on their pens. The gel grip is comfortable - almost like your fingers are resting on a cloud, making it one of the special pens available.

Faber-Castell Grip

  • Ergonomic design
  • Rounded triangular profile
  • Raised dots with rubberized texture
  • Many colorful styles available, including new shimmering "Glam" collection.
  • Push-top retraction mechanism
  • Refill: Parker-style, XB cartridge
  • Cost: $14

Made in Germany, the Faber-Castell Grip ballpoint pen lives up to its name with a truly unique pens texture and feel. Even a blindfolded person could easily identify this pen by touch alone. The rounded, triangular profile promotes a tripod finger grip while the rubberized dots give fingers a comfortable, secure hold. At a comparatively low cost, this pen punches well above its weight, marking it as a weird pen with its distinctive design.

Pelikan K200 Golden Beryl

  • Demonstrator shows internal workings
  • Frosted, sparkling resin to match Edelstein Ink of the Year.
  • Raised dots with rubberized texture
  • Yearly special editions are limited in availability
  • Click-top mechanism
  • Refill: Parker-style, Pelikan 337 Cartridge
  • Cost: $165 and up

Pelikan makes some of the most refined, elegant-looking pens in the world. They are similar in prestige to Mont blanc ballpoint pens without the excessive cost. Each year, Pelikan introduces a new K200/K205 model in fountain pen and ballpoint that match the Edelstein Ink of the Year. The Golden Beryl is unique pens because it is a demonstrator that has a smoky, translucent barrel with a golden, sparkling shine, making it a contender for the best premium ballpoint pen in its class.

Pilot B2P Recycled Pen

  • made from 86% recycled material from used water bottles
  • The pen design looks like a water bottle
  • Translucent plastic body matches
  • Click-top mechanism
  • Refill: Pilot G2 Gel rollerball refill
  • Cost: $2.29

The most inexpensive pen on this list is also the most eco-friendly. The Pilot B2P pen is made of recycled water bottles and even looks like one to remind the writer that they are playing their part in conserving the environment and reducing waste. The click-action mechanism serves the silky smooth gel ink of the Pilot G2 cartridge, embodying the essence of cool ink pens.

Retro 51 Tornado

  • Tapered profile with a stainless steel base
  • Hundreds of designs with themes that resonate with people around the world
  • Screen printed, acid-etched patterns, lacquered, textured, glow-in-the-dark
  • Knurled, twist-top mechanism
  • Refill: Schmidt capless rollerball / Parker-style ballpoint compatible
  • Cost: Starting at $24 - $50 & up for certain finishes

No other pen collection can come close to the range of themes that the Retro 51 Tornado represents. Retro makes pens that honor science, meditation, history, aerospace, animal preservation, music, food, beverages, and much, much more. The Tornado's round, tapered shape serves as a canvas for creativity, taking pen design into new and exciting directions, making it one of the most unique pens.

Fisher Space Pens Infinium

  • Pressurized ink delivery system with special ink formula
  • Writes in extreme temperatures, underwater, in zero gravity, and upside down
  • The Infinum holds enough ink to last a lifetime
  • Guaranteed for life by Fisher
  • Cost: Starting at $136 - $170 for Nitride finishes

Fisher Space Pen continues to be the choice writing instrument that accompanied astronauts since the Apollo missions of the 1960s. Its pressurized ink cartridge and special ink formula is capable of writing without the aid of gravity. The Infinium is unique because Fisher fills the pen with enough ink to last a lifetime. And, if it ever runs out during your lifetime, you can send it to Fisher for a refill or replacement, making it an interesting pen for collectors.

Lamy Pico

  • German Bauhaus inspired "form follows function"
  • Sleek, pocket-sized design
  • Press the back of the pen to extend the point and the overall pen length in one action
  • Roll stop prevents the cylindrical pen from rolling off tables, desks, etc.
  • Refill: Lamy proprietary LM22 mini ballpoint cartridge
  • Cost: Starting at $39.20

The Pico has a short name to match its short, cylindrical body shape. The sleek, minimalist design has only a small, rectangular protrusion with the Lamy logo on it to prevent the pen from rolling away. The backend plunger activates the pen's tip and extends the body to a full-length pen, making it a unique ink pen with a functional twist.

Monteverde One Touch Tool

  • Brass base with PVD rainbow gradient finish
  • A ballpoint pen with many talents
  • Capacitive touch screen stylus
  • Philips & flat-head screw drivers
  • Bubble level & 4 different rules printed on barrel
  • Refill: D-1 Ballpoint
  • Cost: $31.95

The Monteverde One Touch Tool ballpoint pen has a multitude of useful function. Not only does the pen write, it can also measure, level, screw, and operate a touch screen device. Plus, this model has a beautiful rainbow gradient finish on it's weighted, faceted brass barrel. The One Touch redefines the utility of the common writing instrument.

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