Platinum Bottled Ink in Black # 1 Aqueous Dye

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As standard fountain pen ink, it is INK-400 which had been kindly patronage from long everyone (fountain pen for bottle ink 30 cc filled), but with the hope to increase the amount the amount of ink is less demand and converter in In the ink inhalation, which had been received the opinions of the can not be inhaled to the last. This time, as well as to increase the amount of ink from 30 cc to 60 cc, that it is equipped with a newly developed ink reservoir in the bottle, became possible converter inhalation of reasonably batch. In addition, the defect he had to use last until the manual according to ink reservoir usage, ink it becomes like can without waste inhaled, it is possible to minimize the ink remaining (about 5cc), and economically it will be profitable. Ink color as usual, we offer our standard fountain pen ink of black, red, blue-black. Only to bottle ink that has been a favorite in heavy user, I was pursuing the ease of use and economy. We think that you are able to patronize more than ever.