Noodler's V-mail Bottled Ink in Rabaul Red - 3oz

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Noodler's Ink Refills V-mail Rabaul Red Bottled Ink - ND-19058 Noodler's ink was able to obtain some viable vintage inks with extremely patriotic labels. Many referenced the term V-mail which seems to have begun in WW I. These were dated from 1939 to 1945 and of course began in earnest after Dec. 7th 1941 with the patriotic WW II themes.

With those inks as models and a little bit of reverse engineering and close modern replication the originals come alive again in their own V-mail ink series:

  • North African Violet
  • Operation Overlord Orange
  • GI Green
  • Mandalay Maroon
  • Burma Road Brown
  • Rabaul Red
  • Midway Blue
  • All V-mail inks available in 3 oz. bottles