Colorverse Goldspot Exclusive Bottled Ink in Solar Wind and Magnetosphere

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When our Sun throws a wave of charged particles toward the Earth, the surrounding magnetic field deflects this energy, creating a spectacular light-show known as Aurora Borealis. In this special edition collaboration between Colorverse Ink and Goldspot Pens, you can create your own Aurora Borealis on paper. Combine "Solar Wind" ink with "Magnetosphere" ink to create your own spectacular color.

Solar Wind is a light, turquoise blue color. Magnetosphere is a deep, purple color. Adding 10%-15% Magnetosphere to Solar wind will result in a royal blue ink. More than 20% concentration of Magnetosphere will start to turn the color into the purple family. You can use either color by itself or mix them together using a handy tool like the Ink Miser inkwell.

Colorverse x Goldspot Pens Special Edition Aurora Borealis Fountain Pen Ink Specifications
  • Special edition ink exclusive to Goldspot Pens
  • 2-bottle set includes (1) 65ml bottle of Solar Wind (light turquoise blue) and (1) 15ml bottle of Magnetosphere (deep violet).
  • First-ever Colorverse ink set designed to be mixed to produce a range of colors
  • Constellation themed cardboard gift box
  • Stickers based on the ink colors, a bookmark and a paper pen stand
  • Colorverse tissues complete this set which let you clean your fountain pen nib.
  • Colorverse inks are blended with high-quality ingredients and are totally safe for use with fountain pens, dip pens, and glass pens.
  • Made and imported from South Korea