Brause Introduction to Calligraphy Lettering Practice Cards

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The Brause Introduction to Calligraphy Practice Lettering Cards feature fine classic lettering styles displayed on practice cards. With these cards, you can practice your letter writing by tracing on a large range of papers and copy the patterns or design your own stationery. For each alphabet, arrows show the movements and their order of succession. Styles include Carolingian Script, Modern San Serif, Gothic, Gothic Black Letter, Gothic Fraktur, Chancery Cursive, Italic Script, Roman Alphabet and Unicial. A diagram illustration shows the angle to hold the nib while writing.

Set Features:

  • An introduction to calligraphy lettering
  • Nine classic lettering styles
  • Styles displayed on 10 by 13 inch practice cards
  • Great learning tool for beginners
  • Includes 12 cards