Pineider Warranty


2-Year International Limited Warranty. Any original Pineider product is covered by a warranty of 2 (two) years. The warranty period begins on the date of purchase by the first owner of a brand new, never used product.

Pineider’s warranty, outlined in the warranty booklet included in the pen box, covers manufacturing and component defects only, and does not include damage due to the normal wear and tear, accidental fall, inappropriate or abusive use, direct contact with solvents and detergents, humidity, excessive exposure to direct sunlight or UV sources. The warranty does not cover damages arising from any alteration, service or repair performed by any party other than Pineider or a Pineider appointed service center.

Pineider will satisfy the Warranty obligations by repairing or substituting any material or manufacturing faults free of charge. Whenever a repair is not possible, Pineider will honor this warranty by replacing the item with the same, brand new product, or, when even this solution was impossible, with a product of the same value.

The ownership of any defective part repaired or substituted by Pineider during the lifetime of the present warranty shall transfer to Pineider and will not be returned to the end-user.

Before shipping the product for repair or substitution, the client should request a return authorization number (RAN) by e-mail at
For more information, please contact Pineider directly regarding any warranty inquiries.

This is for the Pineider brand.