Ohto History

1929      Established in Tokyo, Japan and begin to manufacture high quality dyes and ink.
  1949     Manufactured world's first pencil-shaped ballpoint pen with chrome ball.  
This is the firts MADE IN JAPAN ball point pen.
  1960     Developed a non-smudging ballpoint pen ink with resistance to fading.
  1963      ●Developed world's first water-based ballpoint pen(present day Roller Pen).
●Pioneered ballpoint pens with tugsten carbide balls using polymide resin.
  1977     Introduced rubber grippered pen.
  1981     World's first roller pen with ceramic writing ball , CERAMIC ROLLER PEN
was introduced.
  1991     Developed water proof/fade proof pigment ink roller pens.
  1999     ●Pioneered single blocked strong Needle Tip.
●Introduced low-viscosity Soft Ink.
  2006     Launched CERA-GEL technology.