Chinese Fountain Pens

What Pens Are Made In China?

Popular Chinese fountain pen brands include Narwhal Pens, Moonman, as well as Jinhao.

There are other brands manufactured in China such as Wing Sung and the Shanghai Hero Pen company.

American pen brands are often manufactured in China too with popular brands such as.

Chinese Fountain Pens

Fountain pens are designed to offer comfort and great function while in use to enhance your writing experience as the user. Chinese pen brands take note of this and work to ensure that they provide some of the best pen options in the market.

A lot of people are drawn to investing in Chinese fountain pens seeing as they are very affordable but still offer great quality. Chinese fountain pen manufacturers employ the use of the latest technology and innovations in all their productions.

This allows them to continue producing quality products that are highly appreciated by individuals from around the world. If you are looking to invest in Chinese fountain pens, here is our top curation of the best Chinese fountain pen brands to consider.

Narwhal Pens


The Narwhal fountain pen is one of the best Chinese fountain pens to consider investing in. The pen is designed and developed by the Narwhal Pen Company that prides itself in providing a new breed of writing instruments.

The pen is said to be the perfect instrument to tap into the stream of consciousness with artistic beauty and elegance. Most of the reviews of people who have used this pen have become total believers and claim it to be better than other higher priced options in the market.

The pen is designed with a sturdy and strong plastic outer casing that is not cheaply produced and offers a great feel. The Narwhal is an affordable pen for sure but the quality of its build goes to show that the company dedicated their production systems to provide the best with perfect craftsmanship in mind.

Aside from the outer casing, the nib options on this pen are amazing and offer the best service to its users. The nibs are made of stainless steel that offers great consistency when writing and glides through the paper beautifully.

The nibs are produced in-house which has allowed the company to fine-tune its quality and performance. In addition, the design and finishing on the pens are quite eye-catching and attractive.

The design is different in terms of color for different pens ranging from green, blue, teal, red, and yellow among others. This gives its users a great variety to choose from when looking to invest in this pen brand from China.

The pen comes with a piston filling system that is used by most people making it a familiar build to work with. Some of the best pens to consider from this brand include:

  • Narwhal Key West Fountain Pen In Islamorada Gold

This pen is designed to exude beach vibes with the shimmering resin featured on the pen’s body. It comes with a cigar shape that is designed with the right weight to offer high-quality comfort and balance when in use. This pen comes with a cartridge and a stainless steel nib available in fine and medium.

  • Narwhal Original Fountain Pen In Clear Demonstrator

If you’ve been looking for a clear fountain pen option, then this pen is a good choice. It is designed with a clear body that demonstrates the inner working of the piston filling mechanism. The pen comes with a stainless steel nib and features a comfortable feel that appeals to its passionate users.

If you are in the market for affordable yet quality Chinese fountain pens, then Narwhal has a host of options for you to consider. If you order a Narwhal chinese fountain pen, you can rest easy that they write beautifully. Narwhal pens are accurate in function and deliver the best results when in use of all the pens on this list.

Moonman Fountain Pens

A lot of fountain pen users are embracing the use of the Chinese ink pens and appreciate the effort and production process involved. The Moonman is one of the Chinese fountain pen brands that offer great quality options to all its dedicated customers.

With regards to the company responsible for this brand, it is not quite clear but it is said to be produced by Shanghai Jingdian. This company is well established in the manufacture of pens and is based in Shanghai, China.

The Moonman pens produced by this company are highly regarded and enjoyed by users for their good quality and intriguing clear designs. One of the most reviewed and popular Chinese pens from this brand is the Moonman M100.

The pen comes at an inexpensive price featuring great quality in both build and performance. The M100 was designed to offer a high-performing writing experience to all its users.

The ink delivery system on this pen however is the eyedropper a fact that you should consider when investing. When looking for high-quality fountain pens for cheap, the Moonman fountain pens should feature on your list. 

PenBBS Fountain Pens

PenBBS is a Chinese online fountain pen forum where discussions of the new trends and what other fountain pen users are loving take place. However, they not only talk about the pens but they also produce their fountain pens and inks.

Hence, the growth of the brand to becoming one of the best producers of quality China pens. The pens featured under this brand are created to feature a high-quality build with the exact translation in performance.

They release the pens periodically and pride themselves in being observant of the needs in the market to ensure they fill them. One of their most popular collections is the model 309 that was their first piston-filler pen.

This pen came with the option of over 25 colors to choose from that were designed to be aesthetically pleasing. Most of the pens from this brand will come with a transparent build but they also feature some other options. 

Jinhao Pens

Jinhao is a brand featured under the Chinese stationery manufacturer referred to as Shanghai Qiangu stationery Co Ltd. The company was founded in 1988 and specializes in the production of quality writing instruments.

The Jinhao fountain pen brand has made a name for itself by offering high-quality fountain pen options that users can always rely on. The brand features different Jinhao pens that you should consider including:

  • Jinhao 159

The Jinhao 159 is a heavier and larger pen design with a cartridge converter and a metal body. This contributes to its sturdiness and feels that comes in handy given that it is a cheaper pen in the market. 

  • Jinhao X450

Jinhao X450 features a grip made of rubber that is highly appreciated by a lot of users. 

  • Jinhao 992

The Jinhao 992 is a great quality fountain pen option that features a smooth ink flow with a great nib option. It is a great pen but doesn’t come with a piston filling system. 

There are different shops online that stock these pens given that the Jinhao website is currently not functional. Taobao is one of the most frequented Chinese online shops that you can check out when looking for brands in China. Taobao fountain pens are sourced from the manufacturers so you can trust what you are getting. 

Wing Sung

Wing Sung is among the oldest pen manufacturers to have been established in China and continues to offer amazing fountain pen options. The Wing Sung fountain pen models are designed to offer highly effective performances to all their users. This has allowed more people to invest in the pens citing that they are of high quality especially with the build. Some of the best Wing Sung fountain pens to consider include:

  • Wing Sung 3008

The Wing Sung 3008 is one of the most developed Wing Sung piston pen options featured by the company. The pens are designed to feature a great flow of ink with a Lamy safari compatible nib. This means that you can easily switch the nib if you have a spare Lamy option. 

  • Wing Sung 699

When it comes to investing in a Chinese flex nib fountain pen that features a vacuum filling system, this is the option for you. Wing Sung 699 is a high-end fountain pen option designed and developed by this company. It is a bit higher in price compare to its counterparts but still extremely affordable. 

  • Wing Sung 698

The Wing Sung 698 fountain pen comes in a transparent build that shows the inner mechanisms and functions of the pen. It is developed with plastic material and comes with a piston filling mechanism. 

Shanghai Hero Pen Company

The Shanghai hero pen company was founded in 1931 and is based in Shanghai, China. The company is well known in China and around the world for its hero pens that come in highly favored and used by a lot of people.

The pens are designed with high-quality materials ensuring their sturdiness while in use. Additionally, they are also quite comfortable and offer great performance on paper.

The smooth flow of ink with the quality nib options that are manufactured in-house come in handy for a lot of users. You can trust that the pens from this company will offer great quality at a ridiculously low price. 

With the different Chinese brands, it is important to note that a lot of users have reviewed the pens and are said to be good at such price points.

Some of the most established fountain pen brands in the US and Europe also outsource their manufacturing to highly established companies in China.

These brands started their manufacturing in their respective countries and ventured out into outsourcing to enhance quality and production. Some of these brands include Cross, Monteverde, Conklin, Sheaffer.

Seeing as these are well-established brands with great fountain pen options in the market, you can trust the quality is on point. Investing in Chinese fountain pens will prove to be a great investment and offer you great quality service. 

American Brands Manufactured In China

Chinese Fountain Pen Brands