Australian Made Fountain Pens

What Pens Are Made In Australia?

Robert Oster, Curtis, and Van Dieman's are made in Australia.

Australian Made Fountain Pens

Australia is home to some great fountain pen brands that work to produce quality pens that you can always rely on. These Australian pen manufacturers dedicate their knowledge and expertise to produce quality fountain pens and inks. This has allowed them to make a name for themselves as being the go-to fountain pen brands to consider. If you are in the market for Australian-made fountain pens, here are a few brands to look into.

Robert Oster

Robert Oster is one of the highest regarded ink manufacturers in Australia and around the world. The company prides itself in always offering the best ink featuring high qualities and over-delivering on their customer’s expectations.

This has allowed the brand to thrive and become one of the sought-after fountain pen inks in the market. This Australian fountain pen ink brand was founded and named after Robert Oster. Robert Oster loved writing and believed in embracing self-expression.

The ink colors featured by this brand are highly pigmented and come in different colors to facilitate each individual’s taste and style. The Robert Oster brand has continued to live by its philosophy to exceed its customer’s expectations by also being mindful of the environment.

The bottles used to store the ink are made from recycled chemical waste and the ink is made to be non-toxic and completely safe for the environment. When looking for reliable and trustworthy ink supplies in Australia, Robert Oster should be a top priority.


The Curtis brand was founded by the talented designer Glenn Curtis and has continued to produce quality and classy products appreciated in the market. Glenn Curtis features products that are well designed and highly regarded by fountain pen collectors and writers.

Quality fountain pens feature in their product catalog designed to fulfill the user’s expectations of smooth writing. Being the founder of one of the most recognized Australian pen brands, Glenn believes that form should always follow function.

This philosophy has allowed the company to hone in on their craftsmanship and deliver both on the outer appearance without neglecting the performance. The Curtis pen company manufacturers flex nib fountain pens made in Australia with keen attention to quality. These fountain pens come in different collections and are inspired by different events.

The pens are designed to offer great service with a sturdy build and high-quality nibs for accuracy when writing. When it comes to the aesthetic look of these pens, you can be sure that you’ll be getting the best quality in the market.

The company works with experienced jewelers who are tasked with decorating the outer casing of the pens with high-quality products. This gives the pens a classy and expensive look that a lot of users enjoy. When it comes to finding classy and reliable pen manufacturers in Australia, Curtis will always come through.

Veridian Pen Studio

Formerly Lathe and Chisel, the Veridian pens studio was founded by two individuals Rochelle and Brad. This company deals with quality handmade wooden fountain pens that are highly appreciated by people in the market.

They pride themselves in taking up different challenges and always promising to deliver fountain pens that you can rely on and work with. The fountain pens are designed with a minimal and aesthetic look with a fully functioning interior.

If you are looking for Australian-made fountain pens that are done with care and a lot of attention to detail, this is the brand for you. The timber used by this company to make the different pens is always ethically and sustainably sourced. This means they don’t cut down trees to make it possible for the crafting of the different fountain pens.

Additionally, they go a step further to give back to the environment by planting one tree with every pen they sell. The fountain pens made by this brand are designed and crafted with soul and love and the imperfections featured on the wood make them stand out. They are a great brand to consider when looking into the Australian market.

Van Dieman’s

Van Dieman’s is an Australian fountain pen ink manufacturer that was founded by Peter and Belinda in Launceston, Tasmania. They pride themselves in providing quality rich ink colors that are the depictions of nature in Tasmania.

They draw inspiration from their environment and have released different ink colors that are divided into series collections. The collection features 70 ink color choices with 12 shimmering ink options that you can also use.

These fountain pen inks are highly regarded and embraced by different people in Australia and around the world making them a well-established brand. The inks are designed to feature the right viscosity and flow quality that is applicable in different fountain pen brands. This means that you can trust that your Van Dieman’s ink will be suitable for any fountain pens you’ll be using.

Reliable Australian Made Fountain Pens and Inks

When looking for fountain pen supplies in Australia there are different brands that you can rely on. Pens made in Australia feature quality and highly efficient craftsmanship with great attention to detail.

The pens will come with a quality finish and aesthetically pleasing build not forgetting the comfort featured when using the pens. Additionally, they’ll also be skillfully crafted to provide incredible results in function and performance.

On the other hand, Australian-made ink options will come with highly pigmented details that make them the best companion. If you are a fan of fountain pens, dip pens, or brushes when working on different projects, these ink choices will come in handy. They are designed to feature the right flow and viscosity making them suitable for different applications.

Additionally, they come in a variety of colors for you to choose from and enjoy using. They’ll help you better express yourself and showcase your personality and style. You have incredible options for you to choose from and create magic with.

When looking to buy pens online made in Australia, these brands will always deliver. Take your time to check out the different Australian brands and get the products with confidence. You’ll enjoy great quality in both fountain pens and inks alike.

Australian Fountain Pen Brands

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