Pilot Custom 912 Fountain Pen in Black/Rhodium - 14K Gold

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From a culture that revered the art of writing for more than a thousand years comes an instrument that celebrates both writing and art. In crafting the Custom Heritage 912, Pilot bridges art and technology, poetry and science, yesterday and tomorrow with the traditional style of this modern fountain pen design. Although the 912 might appear like a conservative, black resin fountain pen, where it shines is in its unprecedented nib selection.

The Pilot Custom Heritage 912 collection was brought to the United States to satisfy the demand for a wide range of expressive writing nibs. Here is the full range of nibs available on the Custom Heritage 912 fountain pen.

  • Extra Fine (EF): a hard nib for small lettering, almost needle point.
  • Fine (F): a hard nib for fine lettering.
  • Fine Medium (FM): a hard nib, in-between a Fine and Medium.
  • Medium (M): a hard nib for medium lettering.
  • Broad (B): a hard nib for bold lettering.
  • Double Broad (BB): hard big for very bold lettering. Between a Broad and Coarse.
  • Soft Fine (SF): a soft nib for fine lettering.
  • Soft Fine Medium (SFM): a soft nib, in-between a Fine and Medium.
  • Soft Medium (SM): a soft nib for medium lettering.
  • Falcon (FA): features the ingeniously-crafted “hooded” design allowing for subtle flex while writing.
  • Waverly (WA): designed with a slightly upturned tip delivering a uniquely flexible and customized, exceptionally smooth writing experience, regardless of the angle of writing.
  • Stub (SU): features a blunted, squared-off tip for broad vertical strokes and thin horizontal strokes. Traditional italic nib.
  • Music (MS): features three tines and was originally designed for writing sheet music
    and calligraphy. Modern italic nib.
  • Coarse (C): extra broad nib for extremely bold lines.
  • Posting (PO): hard nib with a downturned tip shape that makes very fine, crisp lines with little pressure. Preferred for writing on paper prone to feathering.

Pilot Falcon Custom Heritage 912 Fountain Pen - Black & Rhodium Features:

  • Finish: Black Resin Lacquer Barrel with a High Gloss Finish
  • Cap: Black Resin with Silver Clip
  • Trim: Polished Rhodium Accents
  • Nib: 14 Karat Gold with Rhodium silver finish
  • Filling System: Cartridge / Converter (Pilot Proprietary CON-70 push-top converter and ink cartridge included)
  • Package in an elegant presentation box with instructions and warranty.