Lamy Bottled Ink in Turmaline Blue with Blotting Paper - 50 mL

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This 50ml bottle of Lamy Turmaline ink is a special edition color that matches the 2020 AL-Star fountain pen. Lamy LT52 bottled ink can be used with all fountain pens. The base of the ink bottle holds a roll of blotting paper, which is convenient for cleaning up after filling your pen.

Lamy T52 Bottled Ink: 

  • Lamy Bottled Ink in a beautiful and new limited edition turmaline blue color
  • 50ml Glass Bottle
  • Comes with a roll of blotting paper attached to the bottle to wipe your pen nib after filling
  • Suitable for all types of fountain pens
  • Unique ink bottle features an ink residue collecting basin 
  • Made in Germany