Laban Greek Mythology Bottled Ink in Zeus Dark Purple - 50ml

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The Laban Greek Mythology fountain pen ink brings great vitality to your life, which will inspire you to find your very own source of creation. The Mythology series is a classic not to be missed.

Greek mythos, heroes and heroines was the first time when mankind created myths in their own way.

In the eyes of Greek poets, the core value of art is the human being, who has a magnificent body, noble virtue, desire, ambition, but also sadness and jealousy. The images of the Greek gods are so close to ourselves, thus we project our own consciousness on them.

Ink for the king of gods. The thunderbolt wielded in his raised right hand, a majestic purple.

  • Purple lightning, signals my will
  • I rule all, that is under the sky
  • Royal ink

Laban Greek Mythology Bottled Ink in Zues (Dark Purple) - 50mL

  • Greek Mythology Series
  • Cube dimensions: 1.75 X 1.75 X 1.75
  • Ink Capacity: 50 ml
  • Made in Austria