#WriteitWednesday Dear Diary

This week, lets open up a bit. We're betting that quite a few of our followers keep a journal, or a log of events and goings on that you keep track of regularly. This week, our #WriteitWednesday challenge is to share your journal writing with the world. Take a pic of one of the pages, preferably with your pen of choice and post it on twitter or instagram with the appropriate hashtag. Be as personal and intimate as you want to. Dance like no one's watching.

#WriteitWednesday Dear Diary
Visconti Van Gogh Portrait Blu with a Rhodiarama Notebook

Share the pic of your entry on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #writeitwednesday and mention @goldspotpens to make sure we see it! You may also opt to e-mail us the picture at social@goldspot.com.

Deadline for entries will be Friday at 10:00am Eastern US Time. We will randomly select a winner on Friday at 12 Noon.

This Week's Prize

#WriteitWednesday Dear Diary

This week, our giveaway isn't a pen, its a journal. More specifically, the "Wreck This Journal" book by Keri Smith. We're giving away a free copy to someone who loves journaling and will find Keri's prompts fun and challenging.

About #WriteitWednesday

Each Wednesday, we run a new social giveaway challenge with a different giveaway prize every week. Anyone around the world with an Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or E-mail account can enter. Once the entries have been collected and the deadline has passed, we randomly select one of the entries as the winner of the giveaway and send the prize accordingly.

No purchase is necessary to enter the #writeitwednesday giveaway. Those who enter the contest via social media may have their images shared by Goldspot on this blog or on Goldspot's Social media accounts. The winner will have 1 week to contact us by e-mail to claim their prize. If the prize is unclaimed, it will be used in a future giveaway.
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