Where's the Nearest Montegrappa Store? There's an App for That

Wheres the Nearest Montegrappa Store Theres an App for That
Traveling pen aficionados can now roam untethered around the world with little worry of being destitute and lost without knowledge of the nearest Montegrappa dealer. Introducing the Montegrappa Store Locator App (link goes to the App Store on Apple's website), an App that allows you to find and map the nearest dealers that are listed to retail Montegrappa pens and luxury accessories.

According to Montegrappa,
Montegrappa Store Locator is a free App for all the brand's aficionados and the lovers of hand writing. Constantly updated, it allows you to locate the nearest Montegrappa authorised dealer, wherever you are.
Not only will it find the closest points of sales and after-sales-service, but also allow you to contact the dealer selected via phone or e-mail, showing you the best route to reach them.The App also enables you to view the three most recent brand newsletters.
 So, if you are an avid lover of Montegrappa products and find yourself jet-setting in Japan, the UK or Abu Dhabi, the Store Locator App will be your best friend in seeking out that boutique dealer that would be only a short walk, rickshaw ride or gondola ride away.
Wheres the Nearest Montegrappa Store Theres an App for That

The App seems pretty straightforward. It takes the iPhone's capability to sync your location via GPS (or wifi in the case of an iPod touch) and cross references the database of dealers worldwide to provide an overlay of businesses that one can find with Montegrappa products. Also helpful is the contact information for that particular business so you can give them a quick call to check if they have the pen you are looking for before you make the trek over. To keep fans updated, all the latest newsletters about the company are pushed into the App.

OK, so some of the comments I'm making about the App are a bit tongue-and-cheek, but one should not underestimate the ability of this App to find a "pen shop" that may also carry other brands that you care about. Usually, if a retailer sells Montegrappa, you can find other fine writing brands being represented on the shelves as well. And having the contact information for that store will allow you to quickly confirm the availability of other pens you can browse.

If you've downloaded the app and have had a chance to use it (in the US and abroad), please drop a comment below. We would love to hear about how well it worked, if you did visit the shop to buy Montegrappa or other pens and if you would recommend it as a good app for finding pen stores.
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