The Write Stuff Clairefontaine Notebook Giveaway

So, we've got this little newsletter we do once a week called "The Write Stuff." This week, we're writing up issue #52, which means we've done this for about a year now. A giveaway is in order!

The Write Stuff Clairefontaine Notebook Giveaway

At over 29,000 active subscribers and growing, we're eager to hit that 30k milestone. In case you haven't heard of us, or have been reluctant to get YET ANOTHER E-MAIL from a online retail company, please allow me to tell you why the Write Stuff is better than your typical, sales-driven e-mail list.

The Write Stuff Clairefontaine Notebook Giveaway

It's full of photos of awesome, beautiful, writing gear. 

Hey, we get it! You've got to eat and pay the mortgage like anyone else. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy the aesthetic beauty of these wonderful, new pens and inks we have to offer. Our newsletter has plenty of gorgeous pictures for you to oogle and put on your wish list for later.

It keeps you informed of the best pen content on the internet.

We love sharing posts from your favorite pen bloggers like Brad Dowdy from the, Azizah from, Matt from and SBRE Brown. We share links to pen reviews, ink reviews and other fun articles that will inspire and delight.

It gets you the best bang for your pen buck.

Every week, we try to have a new promotion where we are adding value to your order by including a complimentary pen, ink or notebook. We run our Weekly Dip specials that change every Thursday that you can take advantage of at an additional discount. We also run special sales where you can save additional $'s off your next order. How will you know about any of these specials? By signing up, of course!

It only happens once a week, for a few minutes.

Think of all the times you have to listen or watch the same ad over and over again. On any given day I'm listening to at least 20 minutes of ads on Spotify, watching 8 minutes of ads on a 30-minute television program, or scanning through ads on the Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feed. All we ask for is a quick 2 minutes each week for you to look through our newsletter. That's it! The only time you can expect a few extra e-mails is during a special, holiday promotion or during Christmastime.

It's an exclusive list that never gets spammy

Look, we get a ton of e-mail, everyday. There are some e-mails that you look forward to opening, and others that you are eager to find the "unsubscribe" button. We treat your attention like it is ours and would only want to send you premium content that you enjoy looking at each week. Goldspot will never rent or sell your e-mail address to ANYONE! We respect the trust you have put in us to provide us with your e-mail address and would never compromise it for a quick buck.

The Write Stuff Clairefontaine Notebook Giveaway

So, if you're looking to join for FREE and enter our giveaway, please submit your entry below. You also have the option to tweet about this giveaway to spread the word (and earn an additional entry in the giveaway).

This week, we're giving away these Clairefontaine Classic pocket notebooks (3.5" x 5.5" size) that contain a 96 pages of fountain pen-loving ruled paper. We'll pick 10 winners to get 2 notebooks a piece. Giveaway closes Tuesday, June 21st at 11am. Good luck and have fun!

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