Summer 2017 Mystery Dip

We're celebrating the spirit of summer with our seasonal Mystery Dip box, which includes a treasure trove of fine writing goods. This set of surprise products has been hand-picked by our staff around a summer theme.

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A big part of the fun is the surprise! To keep the contents of this Mystery Dip secret long enough for folks to place their order, we will be holding shipment of these orders until Monday, June 5th. That will give everyone 4 days to place their order to keep from spoiling the surprise.

The previous Fall '16 & Spring '17 Mystery Dip boxes completely sold out in a few days. If you're an avid writer & adventurer, you should definitely get in on this exclusive set right away before they are completely gone. (update : June 13th - all Summer Mystery Dips have been sold out by Friday, June 2nd)

The Reveal! 

goldspot pens mystery dip summer 2017

Big thanks to Michael @mjelson for sharing this awesome pic of his Summer Mystery Dip on Instagram. The core components to this Dip were centered around the theme of being on vacation at the Jersey Shore. We wanted the writer to have a portable and easy solution to bring a nice pen & paper with them on their summer travels. 

The Caran d'Ache 849 Metal ballpoint pen in turquoise has a beautiful, reflective look to the hexagonal barrel. The super smooth and long lasting Goliath ballpoint pen cartridge will keep the ink flowing on paper for a long trip.

The Regal Alice turquoise fountain pen is an easy pen to throw into your bag or backpack. Its slender build makes it ideal for pen loops and organizer slots. It uses ink cartridges, so we threw in a package of Visconti Turquoise ink cartridges, which come in their own special container that is convenient to carry along with you.

Many folks swear by the Leuchtturm 1917 journal as one of the best papers for a variety of pens, including fountain pen, ballpoint, and pencil. We included a pocket-sized journal in either the Sand or the Nordic Blue, which were new color cover extensions released in 2016. The size is great to throw in your carry-on bag. The dot grid page format is suitable for general writing, illustrations, designs, and more.

As for the little bonuses, we aimed to bring together the theme by including a little bit of Jersey fun in the Mystery Dip. The contents varied, but for most, we had included a postcard from New Jersey (you can write us at Goldspot Pens, 1230 Highway 34, Aberdeen, NJ 07747 if you would like a place to send your card), a cocktail parasol and a piece of salt water taffy, which is a popular candy that you can easily find at many of the Shore boardwalks. 

We'd love to read about your feedback on this Mystery Dip. Please feel free to leave a comment below. If you've received the Dip, how did you like it? Any suggestions on a future Dip? 

So, why would anyone want to buy something that is a complete mystery?

Shopping online can sometimes feel like researching a thesis paper.

Even if the item is as simple as a spatula, you can't help but try to obtain as much information as humanly possible to ensure you are getting a top-notch, quality product that will fulfill your wants, needs, and desires.

Buying something that is a complete mystery until you open the box is like unwrapping a gift on your birthday. The excitement builds from the moment you click "add to cart" and pays off when you rip through your package like a ravenous beast.

However, some people would prefer to get an idea of what they may be getting. If you are curious, we did a video reveal for the contents of the Fall 2016 Mystery Dip, which you can watch below:

The Spring 2017 Mystery Dip took on the theme of magic and & Harry Potter. You can check out the review written by Michael Elson

Spring 2017 Mystery Dip Review by Michael Elson

As you can see from the range of products that we offer at our store, the contents of each box can be wide ranging, from ballpoint pens to pencils to old-fashioned dip pens. We aim to be accommodating to all writers, focusing on the love of putting pen to paper, regardless of the brand, model or price point.

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