Sensa Classic Ballpoint Pen Overview

Return of the Jedi might be one of the most iconic movie sequels of all time. Here in 2020, we at Goldspot are willing to submit an even more momentous idea: Return of the Sensa. Yes, the self-titled "World's Most Comfortable Pen" has returned. In this post, we share the reason why Sensa pens is near and dear to our business and the secret behind the gel grip design.

There are very few pens as ingrained and intertwined in the history of Goldspot Pens as Sensa. When our website first launched on the newfangled “internet”, all the way back in 1999, it was as one of the first authorized online retailers for Willat Pen Co., the original owners of the Sensa brand.

Originally designed by Boyd Willat in 1995, these pens quickly gained both design accolades and a cult following for their functionality. For several years, Sensa’s selection of thoughtfully engineered and uniquely ergonomic designs would be Goldspot’s bread and butter.


We’ve been lucky enough to expand our operation a couple orders of magnitude since then, but somewhere along the way, Sensa was discontinued. Until now, that is. Under new ownership, the Sensa brand has been revitalized for the modern writer.

Sensa’s unique patented Plasmium grip is the key differentiator that sets their pens aside. Plasmium is Sensa’s proprietary blend of materials that is incredibly supple in the hands, comfortable to grip under pressure, and tacky enough to avoid slippage. But the material alone is not all that makes these pens endlessly comfortable. It’s the complex construction and application of this material to a design that’s been 10 years in the making. The grip itself is actually three layers of distinct plasmium blends.

First, the outer jacket, the first and only point of plasmium contact for your fingers. The curvy hourglass shape ergonomically accepts the hold of your fingers and keep them in a relaxed position. As mentioned previously, the texture appears smooth but is pleasantly tacky in a way that prevents much slippage.

Next, there is an inner layer of liquid plasmium that displaces pressure away from your fingers to prevent cramping.

Lastly, the central core of the pen surrounding the writing tip is coated in yet another layer of plasmium for even more give and comfort.

Sensa Classic Ballpoint Pen Overview

In addition to the unique grip design, ergonomic specialists were consulted to find the perfect weight, balance, and shape to all aspects of this mighty pen. Therefore, if you're looking for a comfortable pen that will go the distance during long writing sessions, the Sensa Classic ballpoint pen was made for you.

Sensa Classic Ballpoint Pen Overview

Long-time Sensa fans will immediately feel at home with the reintroduced Classic ballpoint pen. The lacquer-coated brass barrel is durable and provides substantial hand-feel. A broad angular clip with the Sensa logo and emblem engraved across the top. A textured, milled twist top plated in silver like the other bits of hardware across the pen. Internally, the pen contains and accepts the ubiquitous Parker-style ballpoint pen refill.

Sensa Classic Ballpoint Pen Overview

Sensa reintroduced the Classic collection in the following colors - Midnight Black, Spring Green, Canary Yellow, and Navy Blue. More designs, including the "Safari" prints, will become available in the future as we see the brand establish a foothold in the market.

Goldspot Pens is an authorized retailer of Sensa writing instruments and stand behind our products with excellent care and service to the greater pen community. If you have any questions about this collection, please feel free to e-mail or call us directly.

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