Review : Private Reserve Arabian Rose Fountain Pen Ink

Review : Private Reserve Arabian Rose Fountain Pen Ink
As a tribute to Valentine's Day, we here at Goldspot Pens are reviewing a few romantic inks to use with your fountain pens as you write your love letters. Private Reserve offers a plethora of lovely hues to express your personality.

Arabian Rose was a bit of an unexpected shade of purple. I thought it was going to be a rich red, but got more of a reddish purple. The color is very rich and provides a slight bit of shading. Fast drying without any feathering and very minimal show through on the back of the page. The first thing that comes to mind is that this ink would be great for invitation writing.

Review : Private Reserve Arabian Rose Fountain Pen InkThe writing sample was written with a Monteverde Invincia fountain pen. The standard features of the Private Reserve ink bottle can be found in all standard, 50mL size PR inks. The wide-mouth is very convenient to fill with. It is pH neutral, which is safe for using with most fountain pens. Of course, it definitely is a plus that this ink is made in the good ol US of A.

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