Review : Cross Affinity Crimson Red Fountain Pen

Review : Cross Affinity Crimson Red Fountain PenCross Affinity Fountain Pen Review

With Valentine's Day on the horizon, it's time to start spreading the love and show some love toward the new Cross Affinity. This series departs from the Cross pen design philosophy by making the body entirely out of crystalline resin. Lacking a metal base takes some weight out of the pen, which may concern those who prefer a little "heft" to their writing instrument. Considering the size and balance of the pen, the lighter weight provides a higher quality of comfort rather than taking away the luxurious feeling of a heavy pen.

Review : Cross Affinity Crimson Red Fountain Pen

What is impressive about this fountain pen is the ability to write smoothly and comfortably with its steel nib. Sure, the medium was a bit on the broad side, but it was extremely smooth and had an even flow. The lighter weight and wider shape (than a Century II, for example) was a pleasure to write with and complemented the flowing strokes of the nib. The cap posts on the back-end without throwing off the overall balance (length 5 1/8 inches long without cap, 5 5/8 inches long with cap posted on back).

Review : Cross Affinity Crimson Red Fountain Pen

The twist-off cap is another departure from the normal Cross status quo and it throws me off sometimes as I try and pull off a cap that is screwed on. Thankfully, I don't try too hard and break the darn thing.

As you would expect with most Cross pens, the "look" of the color and finish is fantastic. The Crimson Red is rich, lustrous and romantic. The glossy, polished resin is pleasing to hold and warming to the touch.

My only suggestions would be : buy now and remember to buy a converter. We are still under introductory pricing on these models, which may increase (by 20%) within the next month or so. Only a couple of ink cartridges are included inside the gift box with the pen, so be sure to buy a compatible Cross ink converter to use with bottled ink.

How Does the Cross Affinity Crimson Red Fountain Pen Write?

The Cross Affinity Crimson Red Fountain Pen stands out for its exceptional writing quality, primarily due to its steel nib. The pen is designed to offer a smooth and comfortable writing experience, even if the medium nib tends to be a bit broader than expected. Its performance is characterized by an extremely smooth flow and consistency, making it a pleasure to use for extended writing sessions. The pen's lighter weight, combined with its wider shape compared to models like the Century II, enhances the overall comfort and complements the nib's flowing strokes well. The balance of the pen, with dimensions of 5 1/8 inches long without the cap and 5 5/8 inches with the cap posted on the back, ensures that it remains comfortable to hold and use, without the balance being thrown off when the cap is posted.

Is the Cross Affinity Crimson Red Fountain Pen Worth the Investment

Considering its price point, the Cross Affinity Crimson Red Fountain Pen offers a blend of aesthetic appeal and functional excellence, making it a worthy investment for pen enthusiasts. Priced at $100 retail, with an introductory special of $80.00 at Goldspot, it might appear on the higher end, especially for a resin pen with a steel nib. However, the pen's quality, from its writing performance to its aesthetic and utility, justifies the investment. The pen's rich, lustrous Crimson Red finish and the polished resin body provide a luxurious feel and appearance. Its utility features, such as the screw-off cap and the secure connection of the screw-in converter, add to its value. The pen's overall grade of A- reflects its high quality and the value it offers to users.

Who Should Buy the Cross Affinity Crimson Red Fountain Pen?

The Cross Affinity Crimson Red Fountain Pen is an ideal choice for a wide range of users, from pen collectors to daily users seeking a reliable and stylish writing instrument. Its superior writing quality makes it suitable for professionals who value the smoothness and reliability of their writing tools. The pen's aesthetic appeal, highlighted by its rich Crimson Red color and glossy finish, will attract those who appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of fine pens. Additionally, its balanced weight and comfortable grip make it a great option for anyone looking for a pen that can be used comfortably for long writing sessions. Whether you're buying it as a gift or for personal use, the Cross Affinity Crimson Red Fountain Pen is a versatile choice that meets the needs of both men and women.

Buy Your Cross Affinity Crimson Red Fountain Pen at Goldspot Pens

Goldspot Pens is the premier destination for purchasing the Cross Affinity Crimson Red Fountain Pen. With an introductory special price of $80.00, significantly lower than the $100 retail value, Goldspot offers an excellent opportunity to own this exquisite writing instrument at a more accessible price point. Customers are encouraged to act quickly to take advantage of the introductory pricing, which may increase by 20% in the near future. Goldspot Pens ensures that each pen comes with a couple of ink cartridges and recommends purchasing a compatible Cross ink converter for those who prefer using bottled ink. By choosing Goldspot Pens, customers can be assured of receiving a high-quality product along with exceptional customer service.


  • Writing Quality : Steel nib performs above expectations. Very smooth with a generous flow. Great balance and weight. (grade A)
  • Aesthetic Quality : Grande, classic with a modern, sleek appeal. The resin colors are beautiful and rich. (grade A)
  • Utility : Cap screws off, but posts well in the back. Screw-in converter assures a secure connection to the feed. (grade A-)
  • Price : Available in fine, medium or broad nib sizes for $100 retail (introductory special for $80.00 at Goldspot), the fountain pen is a bit on the more expensive side, especially for a resin pen with a steel nib. (grade B-)

Final Grade : A-
This Valentine's Day, you can buy your girl the Crimson Red Cross Affinity. Girls, the guys also may like the red, but the Jewel Blue and the Opalescent Black are outstanding choices as well. A great everyday writing pen for everyone.
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