Retro 51 Slim Tornado & Desk Sets Spring 2017 Designs

Looking for that perfect writing implement to accessorize your colorful planner or journal? Retro 51's Slim Tornado may be a perfect fit with its thinner profile and pleasing color palette. In 2017, Retro refreshes this model with three new, fashionable colors: Aquamarine, Lavender & Moonstone. Along with these new colors comes a new, lower retail price of $25 MSRP. Each pen is adorned with satin silver accents and knurled twist-top. The Slim Tornado uses the Parker-Style Easy Flow 9000 ballpoint type refill only.

retro 51 slim tornado 2017 colors

Accompanying the Slim tornado are two additions to the family of Classic Desk Set pens. A polished, metal base is home to a pen that is crafted in homage to antique desk pens. The elongated handle of the rollerball pen has a well-balanced feel to match the smoothness of the rollerball ink refill (REF5-B). For Spring 2017, Retro introduces a modern stainless steel finish and a rich, black cherry finish. Match your office decor and your taste!

Retro 51 Classic Desk Set Pens

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