Retro 51 Harley Davidson Flathead Pen Review

Retro 51 Harley Davidson Flathead Pen ReviewGit yer motor runnin Retro 51 presents their licensed Harley Davidson line of pens, which are inspired by the brand's motor-head aesthetics. Don't take it for granted if you're not a fan of the motorcycle, these pens are much more than just a renown name. Take the Flathead pens for example. These compact ballpoint pens go beyond the biker appeal.

Retro 51 Harley Davidson Flathead Pen Review
The Flathead is a great take-along pen. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet has the weight of a solid writing instrument with its metal base. The push-top plunger ejects and retracts the mini D1 size ballpoint pen cartridge with a satisfying click.

Retro 51 Harley Davidson Flathead Pen ReviewThe rugged, hinged clip is a great feature that helps the pen clip on to thicker materials like a stack of papers or a leather jacket.

  • Writing Quality : Odd shape to that flat grip doesn't make it very ergonomic. (grade B)
  • Aesthetic Quality : The Harley licensing doesn't make this pen look cheesy. The design is actually very nice on its own without the Harley name. (grade A-)
  • Utility : Pocket sized, go anywhere type of pen. Clip is resilient and opens wide. (grade A-)
  • Price : Available for $23 on and other competitor websites, the Harley Flathead is a fantastic price for a licensed pen that has great function style to boot. Great gift for the biker in the family. (grade A-)

Final Grade : A-
Retro51 has been developing pens with the Harley and Disney license for well over a year now and have been leading the way for the rest of their brand with these new releases. Expect more exciting licensed Disney coming soon in the fall.
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