Now Offering Complimentary Visconti My Pen System

How do you make a fine writing instrument uniquely yours? Many of our customers opt for Goldspot's in-house engraving services to add a name, anniversary, or short message to their pens of choice. This customization turns the ordinary gift into an extraordinary heirloom that makes a lasting impression. However, this method of personalization engraves into the pen's material - an irreversible process.

Trying to sell or trade an engraved pen is tricky and you'll most likely have to take less money than the "used" market value for your particular pen. Instead of permanently marking your pen, Visconti has a solution that allows you to customize your writing instrument with a magnetic accessory called the "My Pen System."

This patented system is an attractive way to personalize your writing instrument with a simple metal disc at the top finial of the cap. Using a magnet, the top Visconti "V" emblem medallion can be removed and replaced with two initials that look like a yin yang symbol. As a courtesy to our Visconti pen customers, we offer the service of adding initials to any new applicable Visconti pen at no additional charge.

This free service is available for all Visconti pens that utilize the "My Pen System." This includes pen collections like the Homo Sapiens, Divina, Opera, Van Gogh, Voyager, and Rembrandt. Generally, any Visconti pen that has the V medallion at the top of the cap finial would adapt to using the System. If you have received a Visconti from us in the past and would like the My Pen initials on your pen, please contact us to arrange for the initials.

Natural gem stones are also available for an additional cost, starting at $15.00 each.