News on The ACME Beatles Collection 2011

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News on The ACME Beatles Collection 2011

On the heels of the Apple announcement on Tuesday that brought the Fab Four on to iTunes, ACME has released more information regarding their new Beatles Collection that is due to debut sometime in 2011.

At this moment, the Beatles Collection of ACME writing instruments will consist of the following:
  • 9 limited edition rollerball pens, one for each year the Beatles were together in editions of 1,962 to 1,970 pens. Packaged in a black Beatles box for ~$98 each.
  • 13 limited edition rollerball pen and card cases, one for every UK album they ever produced. Limited to editions of 1,000 in each style. Packaged in mini album covers for ~$120 each.
  • One limited set of four pens, one of each for John, Paul, George and Ringo in an edition of 600 sets. The four pen set will consist of one rollerball pen, one fountain pen, one ballpoint pen and one felt-tip (all interchangeable) Packaged in a black Beatles box for ~$450 each.
  • One limited edition pen interchangeable from rollerball to fountain (parts included) in an edition of 1,000 pens, packaged in a black Beatles box for ~$120 each.
  • 3 limited edition watches for ~$90 each.
  • 3 eyeglass cases, not limited edition.
Prices and details may vary as the collection gets closer to launch. Goldspot Pens will be placing pre-orders for the Beatles so that we can try and get our hands on some good numbers. If you would like to express your interest in purchasing these pens, please do comment on this post and we will include you in our e-mail update list.
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