Montegrappa Fortuna Blue Blazer Fountain Pen Review

Welcome pen pals,

This week, we've got our hands on a RED HOT new release from Montegrappa Italia. We're FIRED UP about the Fortuna Blazer! In our video, we take an in-depth look at the Blazer and show a behind-the-scenes demonstration of how the colorful swirl pattern is created on polished stainless steel. We also share a writing sample with the new Jowo #6 nib that is installed for a great, out-of-the-box experience.

First, a little background information: Montegrappa is the first Italian manufacturer of writing instruments, founded in Bassano del Grappa in 1912, before both World Wars. It was a baptism of fire at first, but the company had gone on to set the world ablaze with the finest pens of choice for notable authors, popes, presidents, and royalty.

The outer, dark blue cardboard box opens to reveal an inner clamshell box that has the Montegrappa logo engraved on a plate in the center. The hinged box opens to reveal the pen inside the plush, fabric-lined surroundings.

Since we're looking at the fountain pen, there are two ink cartridges included with the pen, stored in a separate baggie. The Fortuna pen is neatly tucked under a sash, also bagged for additional protection.

Pulling up on the sash will remove the platform so you can access the warranty & instruction manual booklet underneath.

The Fortuna model is a modern reinterpretation of a classic, everyday writing pen. Montegrappa introduced the design back in 2012, quickly becoming the flagship model for the Italian brand. The Blue Blazer takes the graceful profile lines of the cap and body and accents it with a polished metal look like no other.

Named after the first cocktail to use the flame in its preparation, the Fortuna Blue Blazer's polished steel exterior is hand-torched to achieve the colorful, haphazard pattern of swirls on metal.

A "Blazer by Montegrappa" silver tankard accompanies each Fortuna Blue Blazer pen. Prepare your own incendiary beverage using the original recipe card that is also included.

Since each pen is hand-burnished, no two Blazer pens will look exactly alike. The process is deliberate and artistic, as evidence from this video showing Montegrappa's artisans lighting up a new blazer pen.

The Fortuna Blazer's nib is forged from stainless steel with an iridium tip. All Blazer pens now use a number six Jowo nib for an optimal out-of-the-box writing experience. It is available in fine, medium or broad sizes.

The fountain pen fills using the included international ink cartridges or converter, which is a threaded international type. If you choose to remove the converter, use a rubber grip, as it is attached quite tightly.

The pen has a hefty weight in-hand, coming in at 48 grams. It can be written with posted or un-posted, although posting the cap becomes a bit back-heavy. The grip area is slightly contoured and thick enough to feel comfortable, despite being made of polished metal.

This year, Montegrappa has moved to using Jowo as their nib manufacturer. Since it will be a rolling change, new editions like the Fortuna Blue Blazer will have the Jowo nib installed while collections made prior to 2018 will still have Bock nibs and feeds. The start up experience with the Fortuna's #6 size Jowo nib (in fine point) is exceptionally smooth with ample flow. No hard-starts or skipping. There is a slight degree of line variation when pressure is applied on the tines. Although it is a steel nib, it is well tuned and pleasing to write with out-of-the-box.

If fountain pens don't light your fire, Montegrappa also offers this collection in twist-action ballpoint or rollerball modes.

I hope you enjoyed our look at the red-hot Montegrappa Fortuna Blazer. Here's the part where I could tell you to pull the trigger and fire away at purchasing this pen from However, I don't like to put a fire under someone to buy a pen. We'll let you make the decision. Does this pen set your heart afire? Let us know in the comments.