Waterman Serenity Blue Review - Keep Calm and Write On

Waterman Serenity Blue Review

Waterman threw the fountain pen world in a confused frenzy a while ago when they had renamed their entire line of fountain pen inks. While the ink formulas have stayed the same, the names have taken on a vague complexion that requires us to relearn the colors over again. Let's get reacquainted with one of Waterman's best-selling colors, Serenity Blue (formerly known as Florida Blue).

Keep Calm and Write with Waterman Serenity Blue

Deep with saturation and rich with color, Serenity Blue can be categorized as a royal blue, leaning a bit towards the purple.  Dry time is 3-4 seconds on Rhodia 80gsm paper. Doing a water drop test reveals the ink as not being very water resistant. There is a slight bit of shading, even with an extra fine nib.

Keep Calm and Write with Waterman Serenity Blue
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As with any Waterman pen ink, when the ink level starts running low, you can shift the 50mL glass bottle to make it easier to draw ink.

Waterman Serenity Blue (50mL) is our Ink of the Month for September 2014. An additional discount applies to this ink for the entire month of September or until stock runs out.

How Does the Waterman Serenity Blue Pen Write?

The Waterman Serenity Blue pen delivers an exceptional writing experience, characterized by its smooth ink flow and consistent performance. The ink, a deep and saturated royal blue with a hint of purple, offers a visually striking appearance on paper. With a dry time of 3-4 seconds on Rhodia 80gsm paper, it strikes a balance between quick drying and allowing for a slight, elegant shading, even when used with an extra fine nib. This pen's writing quality is not just about its aesthetic appeal but also its reliability and ease of use, making it a favorite among fountain pen enthusiasts.

Is the Waterman Serenity Blue Pen Worth the Investment?

Considering its high-quality construction, superior writing performance, and the prestige of the Waterman brand, the Waterman Serenity Blue pen represents a worthwhile investment for both seasoned collectors and those new to the world of fountain pens. The pen's ink exhibits a rich color and quick drying time, minimizing smudging and improving the overall writing experience. Additionally, the 50mL ink bottle is designed for convenience, allowing for easy ink extraction even when the ink level is low. Given these features, the pen offers great value for its price, especially for those who appreciate the artistry and functionality of fine writing instruments.

Who Should Buy the Waterman Serenity Blue Pen?

The Waterman Serenity Blue pen is ideally suited for individuals who value the craftsmanship of a high-quality writing instrument and the distinctive character of a rich, royal blue ink. It is perfect for professionals seeking a reliable pen for daily use, collectors looking to add a classic piece to their collection, and anyone in between who appreciates the tactile pleasure of writing with a fountain pen. Its quick-drying ink and slight shading capability also make it a great choice for artists and calligraphers who demand precision and aesthetic beauty in their work.

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