Kaweco Supra Brass Fountain Pen - a Video Review

Kaweco Supra Review

You may have seen the Kaweco Supra and dismissed the pen as simply another Liliput design. There's a lot more to this fountain pen that meets the eye. This review will take you into the details of this all brass pen that is made in Germany and why it would be a fidgeter's dream pen.

But, why should I tell you about this pen when I can show you instead? Watch the video review below to see the unique aspects of this pen in action.


First Impressions and Specifications of Kaweco Supra Fountain Pen

The first thing you notice about the pen straight out of the box, besides its polished brass appearance, is its weight. The pen weighs a hefty 1.8 ounces in all, which is triple the weight of a Lamy Safari, for example. With a nearly half-inch barrel diameter, the pen feels quite significant in-hand and would certainly please those who prefer larger, heavyweight type pens.

Kaweco Supra Fountain Pen measurements:

  • Pen Length Closed, Capped: 5.11 in. / 130mm (with extender)
  • Pen Length Open (Uncapped): 4.9 in. / 124.5mm (with extender)
  • Pen Length Open (Cap Posted): 6.46 in. / 164mm (with extender)
  • Pen Length Closed, Capped: 3.90 in. / 99mm (without extender)
  • Pen Length Open (Uncapped): 3.72 in. / 94.5mm (without extender)
  • Pen Length Open (Cap Posted): 5.23 in. / 133mm (without extender)
  • Pen Diameter Body: 0.43 in. / 11mm
  • Pen Diameter Grip Section (thinnest) : 0.37 in. / 9.5mm
  • Total Weight: 1.7oz / 49g (with extender)
  • Total Weight: 1.4oz / 38g (without extender)
  • Cap Weight: 0.4oz / 9g

Features of the Kaweco Supra Brass Fountain Pen

Once you uncap the pen, the second major feature of this pen is the larger, number 6 size nib in stainless steel. Most Kaweco pens, including the Sport and Liliput models, use the smaller #5 nib. The larger nib looks right at home with the profile of this larger pen.

The third and most distinctive feature about this pen that you would notice right away would be the middle, "extension" section of the barrel. Measuring 2.5cm in length, the brass extender piece is a game-changer on this pen. It changes the entire dynamic of your writing experience with the Supra and allows it to be adapted to your own personal taste.

As you would see in our video, the extender piece unscrews from the front grip section and the rest of the barrel. It removes 0.4 ounces from the total weight of the pen, and shortens it up to the equivalent length of a Liliput. When in "mini mode," the Supra is a heavy pocket pen, similar to the Kaweco Brass Sport, but still has the smooth, cylindrical features of the Liliput model. It is up to your own personal taste of how you would like to write with this pen, so you can test out the mini mode uncapped or posted to your liking.

Writing Modes and Ink Compatibility

Speaking of posting, the cap does screw on to the back of the pen, which is a great utility feature for those who like a pen that posts, since one never has to worry about the cap falling off and getting lost.

Personally, my favorite mode of writing with this pen was without the extender piece and with the cap posted on back. It gave me the most comfortable writing experience out of the four ways you can hold this pen.

The drawback of removing the extension piece is that the Kaweco Supra can no longer hold a standard, international size ink converter. You would have to resort to filling ink cartridges or using the Kaweco Sport Piston Converter, which holds a minuscule amount of ink.

So, just how does the Supra stack up to the two most popular Kaweco pen models (the Sport and Liliput)? Let's check out some comparison shots to show you the length and size of the Supra stacked against these Kaweco models you may be more familiar with.

New Column
Top to Bottom : Kaweco Sport Classic, Kaweco Supra, Kaweco Liliput Fireblue. Closed Position.
New Column
Kaweco pens with caps removed.
New Column
Kaweco pens with caps posted on back.
New Column
Kaweco pens with caps removed, the extender piece has been removed from the Supra.
New Column
Here, the Supra is Posted without the Extender Section. Pens Open with Caps Posted on Back

The last point of comparison between the Supra and the Liliput is one that you cannot see, but speaks volumes : price. An all-brass Liliput pen will run you $80. The blow-torched steel of the FireBlue Liliput goes for $170. The extra-large Supra starts at $120. Kaweco could have priced the Supra above the most expensive Liliput, but they didn't, which many wallets appreciate.


The Supra fountain pen is also a fidgeter's dream come true because not only can you roll the smooth cylinder of this pen across your desk at your amusement, but you can also assemble and disassemble it to remove the extender piece, screw on the cap to the back end and take it all apart again. The Kaweco Supra can be your new best friend to occupy your hands during long meetings and webinars.

Accessorize your Kaweco Supra fountain pen with international sized ink cartridges from a variety of brands in a wide array of colors. You can also add-on an international size converter, as they are not included with the purchase of the pen. Put it all together with a travel-size, pocket notebook from Clairefontaine, and you're all set for your writing adventures.

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