Introducing the Exclusive Goldspot + Jinhao 599A

Hi Pen Pals,

If you've ordered from us in the last few weeks, you may have noticed a little surprise in your package of pen goods. The Goldspot elves have been toiling for many long hours picking, packing and shipping your orders. We all wanted to say "thanks" for your support with a special gift we sprinkled in a number of our shipments.

Meet the Goldspot Pens + Jinhao 599A Demonstrator Fountain Pen
Introducing the Exclusive Goldspot + Jinhao 599A

For those who are unfamiliar with this model of fountain pen, it is originally produced by Jinhao, a well-known Chinese pen manufacturer that has a reputation for inexpensive, quality pens. The model may look familiar to those who know the Lamy Safari / Vista pen line.

Introducing the Exclusive Goldspot + Jinhao 599A

Our variation on this pen is that the Jinhao branding has been removed and replaced with our own. The Goldspot Logo is written on the barrel and the Goldspot "G" is engraved into the stainless steel nib.

In case you've never written with a fountain pen before, we've made this handy video to give you an overview of the Jinhao pen, complete with instructions on how to fill it, write with it and proper maintenance to ensure you'll be enjoying this pen for years to come.

Check our video on Discovering the Jinhao 599A Fountain Pen on YouTube.

Happy Writing!