How to use a TWSBI Diamond 50 Ink Bottle

The other day, I was trying to explain to my Dad why I was so excited that we were getting the new TWSBI Diamond 50 Ink Bottles. He owns a Diamond 540 fountain pen, but he didn't quite get it. In his words, "Wait, a $25 ink bottle and it doesn't come with any ink!?"

So I had to demonstrate why this bottle is so cool, yet functional, especially for someone that owns a TWSBI Diamond 530/540 pen.

Highlights from the video:
  • Taking apart the Diamond 50 ink bottle and explain the idea behind the design.
  • Filling the ink bottle with your choice of fountain pen ink.
  • Filling your fountain pen the conventional way, using either a converter or piston mechanism.
  • Filling your TWSBI fountain pen using what I refer to as the "express method."
This is my first full "pen demo" video, and I did shoot (& edit) it at 2am this morning. Please be kind. :-) We hope to do many more of these in the future, especially short (1-2 minute) videos for If you like this and would like to see more videos, please feel free to request a specific pen or topic.
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