Tracking Pen - Find Your Lost Cross Pen Easily

We've all been there before. No matter how careful you are, one of your pens gets misplaced or (*gasp*) taken from your possession. You might have left it at the restaurant, or it might have slipped out of your pocket in the cab, or it could be at home in a drawer. The point is, it could be anywhere and you don't want to give up so easily on your favorite pen.

Advancements in technology have largely led to the marginalization of the fine writing instrument. However, this one innovative partnership between the AT Cross Company and TrakR has brought a ballpoint pen into the 21st Century.

Has your pen been TAKEN Now you can track down your lost Cross Pen.

Introducing the Peerless TrackR - the world's first pen with a built-in tracking device.

The pen works in concert with the TrackR App, which is used by millions worldwide. If you lose your pen, the Bluetooth-enabled chip that is inside of this Cross Peerless pen will act as a beacon. When one of the millions of TrackR users passes nearby the lost item, a confidential alert will be sent to its owner to inform them of the whereabouts.

Has your pen been TAKEN Now you can track down your lost Cross Pen.

The pen can also help find my pen and your phone. Press the button on the cap and the pen will send a signal to the lost phone to alert people to their device's whereabouts, even in silent mode.

“We understand that for many people, the barrier to purchasing a fine writing pen is a fear of losing it,” said Bob Baird, CEO at A.T. Cross. “Beautifully designed and luxurious writing instruments have become a highly personal and important style accessory for many, and we developed the Peerless TrackR to answer this clear consumer need. We believe this will be one of our most successful launches to date.”

cross trackr leather pouch fashion shot

To apply this TrackR technology to your current everyday carry doesn't require tooling or modifying your pens. Cross has also unveiled an accompanying pen pouch that features a TrackR bravo device that is tucked into the inner lining of the case. The bravo chip can also ring your phone just like the Peerless pen.  The Cross Pouch and TrackR bravo are available at an affordable price in three colors: black, crimson red and navy blue.

TrackR was founded in 2009 to make lost items a thing of the past. The company's app software, cloud databases and wireless devices revolutionize how consumers keep track of their items, thus creating a world where valuables are no longer lost. TrackR has shipped more than 4.5 million devices, is ranked #1 as the fastest-growing company by Pacific Coast Business Times and #155 by Inc. 500. TrackR is backed by The Foundry Group, Resolute Ventures, IncWell Capital, Amazon Alexa Fund and Orange Fab. 

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