First Look : Waterman Ombres et Lumieres Special Edition

Waterman, Paris introduces the 2015 special edition Ombres et Lumieres to follow up their 2014 Blue Obsession line extensions of their most popular pen models. This time around, the Carene, Perspective, Expert III and Hemisphere get a noir makeover inspired by the chic Parisian fashion trends that focus on the interaction of light and shadow.

First Look : Waterman Ombres et Lumieres Special Edition

The glossy black lacquer seems to dissolve into the matte white, silkscreened with dots that scatter down the end of the pen. It can remind one of the glittering lights of Paris against the dark or the bright lights reflecting on the rippling waters of the river Siene.

First Look : Waterman Ombres et Lumieres Special Edition

The Ombres et Lumieres is an elegant and tasteful finish that fits well with Waterman's European fashion sensibilities.

The Carene Ombres et Lumieres is the lone fountain pen in the group that sports an 18k solid gold nib in either medium or fine and is rhodium plated to match the palladium silver finished trims.
All other fountain pens in the collection use a stainless steel nib. Nibs will be available in fine or medium point sizes and fill using ink cartridges or converter.

Matching ballpen and rollerball pens are also available in every Ombres et Lumieres model. Each pen is gift boxed and wrapped with an exclusive themed sleeve.

The arrival timeline for the Ombres et Lumieres is early April. We will be adding them to the current Waterman lines on our website and will accept pre-orders soon.

---Edit : May 29th, 2015 - Ombres et Lumieres is now available and we have stock on sale at Goldspot Pens.
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