First Look : Pilot Fixion LX Gel Ballpoint Pen

Ok Guys, so I've always taken a fancy to the Pilot Frixion Pen.  You can make a mistake and, just like a pencil, erase and rewrite like you never made it.  But unlike the pencil, the Frixion ink never smudges and you always get a fine point without ever having to run to a sharpener. Best part is, no pencil shavings.

First Look : Pilot Fixion LX Gel Ballpoint Pen
Yesterday, I received the best early Christmas present ever.  The New Pilot Frixon LX Pen in my favorite color "Blue".  Unlike it's inexpensive counter part the Pilot Frixion Clicker, this pen is solid and extremely well made with a beautiful matte sheen.  It holds comfortably in the hand and has a very nice weight to it, giving the impression of higher quality and reliability.

As with most high-end pens, my first instinct was to twist the pen to deploy the tip.  No luck.  After a few seconds of fidgeting I'm delighted to realize the pen simply opens with a click from the precision crafted chrome clip.  And like you'd expect from Pilot, this pen writes like a dream. Smooth and Flawless! Removing the top cap allows you easy access to the Frixion "eraser," which is actually a plastic nub that creates the friction necessary to remove the thermo-sensitive ink.

Pilot is synonymous for quality and writing innovation and this Frixion LX does not disappoint. It is great to see the concept of the Frixion jump from the office supply line into the fine writing category with this high-grade version. This is a useful pen that you will be excited to take with you to the big meeting, that is for sure. 
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