Cross C-Series Rollerball Review

Cross C Series Review

Cross is always looking to bridge the high-tech roadster aesthetic with a writing instrument and was extremely successful with the . Having produced duds like the Autocross ballpen and the Turismo, Cross was coming up light on the masculine pen design until they nailed it with the large, heavy-hitting C-Series rollerball.

Unique Features of the C-Series

The unique feature to the C-Series is that it was the first to feature a twist-action gel ink rollerball. In fact, you can choose between either the Jumbo "Selectip" ballpoint cartridge or the gel ink rollerball cartridge. Of course I needed to try out both for the writing sample below:

How Does the Cross C-Series Rollerball Pen Write?

The Cross C-Series Rollerball Pen offers a distinctive writing experience, primarily due to its innovative twist-action gel ink rollerball technology. Unlike traditional rollerball pens, the C-Series allows users the flexibility to switch between a Jumbo "Selectip" ballpoint cartridge and a gel ink rollerball cartridge. This versatility ensures that the pen can adapt to various writing preferences and needs. However, it's worth noting that the pen's design, featuring a heavy back end and a chrome grip, may not cater to prolonged writing sessions comfortably. Users have reported that the pen's weight distribution and grip texture can lead to hand fatigue over extended periods of use, resulting in a writing quality assessment of grade C-. Despite this, the pen's unique mechanism and the option to choose between ink types provide a notable point of interest for those valuing adaptability in their writing instruments.

Is the Cross C-Series Rollerball Pen Worth the Investment?

Priced at approximately $100 retail, the Cross C-Series Rollerball Pen sits at the higher end of the Cross pen range. When comparing its size and weight to the more modestly priced $40 Cross Century ballpen, the C-Series stands out for its substantial feel and build quality. However, the question of value for money arises when considering the pen's overall performance and utility. While it boasts a solid metal trim design and a spring-loaded clip that adds to its durability and aesthetic appeal, the pen's writing quality and comfort for everyday use may not justify the higher price point for all users. With a final grade of B, the C-Series positions itself as a grand entry into the fine-writing world but falls into the category of an average value buy due to its lack of everyday writing practicality and higher investment cost.

Who Should Buy the Cross C-Series Rollerball Pen?

The Cross C-Series Rollerball Pen is best suited for individuals who appreciate the craftsmanship and design of luxury writing instruments and are looking for a pen that makes a statement. It's an ideal choice for collectors, professionals, and enthusiasts who value the aesthetic appeal and the novelty of a twist-action gel ink rollerball mechanism. The pen's sturdy construction and unique features, such as the ability to switch between ballpoint and rollerball cartridges, make it a versatile addition to any pen collection. However, those who prioritize comfort and ergonomics for long writing sessions might find the pen less suitable. The C-Series is tailored for users who seek a premium pen for occasional use, signatures, or short notes rather than extended writing tasks.

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  • Writing Quality : Heavy back end and chrome grip design does not suit long writing sessions. (grade C-)
  • Aesthetic Quality : Certainly a solid pen with great metal trim design and motor-head features. (grade A)
  • Utility : Ability to go from ballpen to rollerball is convenient. Spring loaded clip is sturdy and well designed. (grade B+)
  • Price : At $100 retail, the C-Series rollerball is a bit on the high end for a Cross Pen. However, compare the size and weight to a typical $40 Cross Century ballpen and you see a significant difference, but it really does not justify the cost. (grade C)

Final Grade : BAlthough the C-Series does appear a grand entry into the world of fine-writing, its lack of everyday writing quality and higher price point make it an average value pen buy.

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